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2021 A Year in Review

Take a look back at 2021 and see the highlights of all my home projects, DIY’s, furniture flips and crafts too.

Every year I try to round up and highlight the past years’ home projects. It’s a good way for me to look back and see what I’ve accomplished as I look ahead and plan what’s next.

After all the Christmas decor is put away and the decluttering has started, I normally start the new year with a new project.

2021 year in review

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The first project of 2021 was focused on our master bathroom. Our master bedroom has a funny layout, so we removed the old door (that infringed on the space around our bed) and installed a ready to build (and affordable) barn door from a barn door kit.

Let me show you what the space looked like before the sliding barn door.

bed in front of corner windows

Here is what it looks like now.

sliding barn door into bathroom

SO much more space! By the way, the point of this post was to share this super affordable and easy to put together (I did it myself!) sliding barn door kit.

Speaking of affordable home additions, the next post is about an affordable hanging indoor swing chair!

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

I love how cozy this space looks now!

Next I began the process of cleaning and organizing our mudroom. I created this DIY boot rack to keep our boots off the floor!

DIY boot rack

I made this with scrap materials I already had. Score!

simple boot rack

The next project I tackled was on the outside of our house. The previous owner installed Bahama Shutters (they made them) over the front two windows. They looked ok, but they blocked so much natural light inside our house. I decided to break them down and make them normal shutters and add a few window box planters.

installing window box planters

The home looks so much more inviting now doesn’t it?

Next to our master bathroom again. I worked with a company called Rustix to install rustic wood wall boards behind our master bathroom vanity.

Rustix wall boards in bathroom

I was worried it might look a little too busy with the stenciled check wall next to it, but I love it!

I did a few crafty projects in between this like giving a solid oak front door a refresh, crafting whimsical stepping stones with Unicorn Spit, and how to make a faux stone hanging planter with spackling compound.

Another big home project that I finished up was the backyard makeover. There were countless projects that went into this post.

backyard makeover before and after

After three years we are glad to have this done!

Speaking of finally finishing projects, I can happily say my “office nook” is complete with a DIY floating office desk.

DIY modern floating office desk

I love how “custom” this desk looks. It’s been a huge life saver for storage. Who knew two kitchen cabinets could make such a lovely office desk!

The next project was a fun one. I worked with a company called “Slate-ish” and added a faux slate product to an accent wall in our dining room.

slate-ish accent wall

The best part about this product; you can cut it with a wood saw! No custom tile saw necessary.

The next project was a fun gel stain furniture makeover with Unicorn Spit.

dresser makeover with Unicorn Spit as gel stain

I love gel stain because it can cover almost any surface, especially orange toned wood.

I did a few crafty projects after this bedroom set makeover like the one below.

Check out how to dye a lampshade here!

how to dye a lampshade with RIT dye

Next was a big flooring project. Do you have old tile that needs a facelift? Check out how to paint tile with Rust-Oleum Home Floor coating here!

how to paint tile with Rust-Oleum floor coating

This was a huge success and I’m so pleased with it. We’ve lived on this floor for a handful of months and it hasn’t scratched or dinged once!

Onto another furniture project with a new paint (new to me at least); Heirloom Traditions all in one paint!

how to use heirloom traditions all in one paint

I did an informational video and shared all my thoughts (and some handy tricks) on how to use this paint. Spoiler alert; I love it!

Next to another bathroom between my kids room. They have a little toilet nook that I wanted to transform with Chalk paint. And yes, I mean paint the wall with chalk paint!


Speaking of a bathroom makeover, I gave a friends bathroom a makeover with wallpaper. This modern wallpaper in the bathroom really makes this room pop now. You won’t believe what it looked like before.

modern wallpaper accent wall in bathroom

One of the last projects I completed was this DIY Christmas village display shelf. This was a great addition to set up our Christmas village displays.

Christmas Village Display idea

This was a very easy build that is suited for the beginner DIYer.

Overall we’ve done a lot this year. I want to get back to more furniture flips in the year 2022. Stay tuned!

Thanks for being here friends.


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  1. Pat says:

    Love. All. Your. Projects I. Am going to try painting my bathroom floor. I am 82 years young so here goes. Thank you