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Installing Window Box Planters with Shutters to Hide Asymmetrical Windows

This is the story of how I installed window box planters with shutters to help add symmetry to our very asymmetrical front windows.

One thing I love about our home is all the random quirks. It’s a constant work in progress. It’s been added on to multiple times. That being said one of the “random quirks” I don’t love is the two different sized windows on the front of our house. What could I do to add a little symmetry? Let me show you how I added window box planters with shutters below the front windows to make them look like they are the same size.

The previous owner tried to address the “lack of symmetry” issue as well. Her solution? She covered the windows with Bahama shutters.

bahama shutters on windows

The Bahama shutters looked good, but they blocked so much natural light inside the house.

bahama shutters

The original part of the house was always so dark compared to other parts of the house. I know it’s because of the Bahama shutters. That’s when I decided to remove them.

uneven windows

Yikes! The last homeowner used to joke that the windows looked like they were winking at you. I see it!

Also, it doesn’t help that the windows are totally different styles. I won’t be able to do anything about that now, but I can at least make them look the same size by adding window box planters in front of them.

Speaking of asymmetry, this home exudes a lot of it. See how I created symmetry around our master bed with a few design tips.

By the way, don’t mind our mess of a front yard. We plan to tackle that big project later on in the spring.

uneven windows

So what now?

This is where my planter boxes will fake the look of two same sized windows. Let me show you.

windows with planter boxes

The planter boxes do help even out the windows don’t they?

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I ordered these window boxes planters from Home Depot and they fit perfectly. Not to mention that they have a water reservoir that helps water your plants continually.

Like I said, I can’t do anything right now about the two different type of windows. Maybe one day soon.

So how did I put the window box over the window pane?

How to install window box planters on top of a window pane

Attach a piece of wood to the outside frame of the window. Then attach the window planter box hardware to the wood. Make sure you paint the wood that will sit against the window white or another color that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. You will definitely see this piece of wood from inside the house.

We used a 1 by 8 and screwed four screws into wood around the window.

installing planter box on top of window

Once the wood was installed, we drilled the hardware on top of the wood.

planter box hardware installed on wood on top of a window

For those of you wondering what the inside of the window looks like? It looks A LOT better than the Bahama shutter did from the inside.

This was a great solution to fake the look of a smaller window.

Next I wanted to dress up the windows with shutters. I cut the old Bahama shutters in half.

windows with planter boxes

Can you see it? I can!

My husband suggested that the 4 panel wood shutters looked too wide. I agreed.

I originally thought to cut them in half, but then decided they would be too skinny.

Most wood slat shutters are three panels wide. This is what I decided to go with.

Side note; most experts say that the width of the shutters need to align with the window opening when closed (even if they aren’t functional).

Technically, the four panel wood shutters would fit those standards. Buuuuut— visually, I felt that the three panel wood shutters looked best.

window box placed on top of window

I think the three slat shutters look great. What do you think?

Now to plant some flowers in the planter boxes.

I did quite a bit of research on what to plant in a flower box and decided to go with a few simple yet colorful Petunia’s. These particular Petunia’s need full sun, and since this is a sunny area of the house they worked perfectly.

I bought a handful at my local hardware store for only $20.

Window planter boxes with shutters to hide two asymmetrical windows

Window planter boxes with shutters

I’m so pleased with how it turned out! I love when my design vision comes to life and it actually looks good.

window with window planter and shutters

Like I said, don’t mind the terrible yard! It’s next on the list.

installing window boxes and shutters to hide uneven windows
planter boxes and shutters
window box with Petunia's

Decorating Window Box Planters

One of the best things about window boxes is being able to decorate them for each season! Check out some of my past and recent flower box planter decor below!

Make sure to check out my Fall Window Box decor with faux flowers.

Fall Window Box with Stems from The Dollar Tree

Also check out my winter window boxes with faux flowers for Christmas!

faux flowers for winter window boxes

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  1. Stephen fallis says:

    They look great. The reason why shutters don’t have to be the same size . Is because shutters by their design can be hinged to more sections of shutter panels behind the one you see. This is why length matters not the width.mounted on both sides. You can even put one shutter on one side if space is limited. All shutters swing over windows for storm protection. Even if it’s 4 bifolded panels.

  2. Jaxs says:

    Now you don’t even notice the windows are different. Once the flowers bloom that will really reinforce this! Save your money for another project, this one seems finished! Beautiful

  3. Tina McDade says:

    Hi there,
    I really enjoy your email updates. Thank you for great ideas and inspiration!
    I really like your solution to the asymmetric windows. Brilliant!
    And the yard doesn’t look as bad as you convey in your update.
    Thanks again and please keep sharing content. I appreciate it!

  4. liz says:

    Fantastic solution to awkward windows! The window boxes & shutters are charming & add serious curb appeal!

  5. Mary says:

    Your complaint was the old windows did not let in light. The new windows are the same size? As long as you went to the expense of new windows–why didn’t you get two matching windows? Even if they are in two different rooms, the balance from outside would have looked better. Just my opinion. Who am I to say? I live in a 1902; 12 room Victorian farm house with large windows (72″ X 38″).

    • Hi there,
      I didn’t replace the windows. I took the old Bahama shutters down that blocked the light and added window box planters and placed shutters on the side of the window. I mentioned how one day soon I want to replace the windows so they match.

  6. Cordelia Miller says:

    You did a great job. They really look nice and when the flowers grow they will be outstanding. Love to see your ideas come to life. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Dina says:

    Brilliant!! Out of the box thinking that really did the trick!