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My Affordable Hanging Indoor Swing Chair

Read about an affordable hanging indoor swing chair. Learn about how easy it is to install and what a great addition it is to our living room!

Do you have a “bucket list” home item? You know, something that you’ve always wanted in your home. One of my all time “bucket list” items has been a hanging indoor swing chair. They add another level of coziness and laid back style to a home, don’t you think? Well I’m happy to say that I’ve fulfilled that bucket list item! Let me show you all about my new affordable hanging indoor swing chair.

Our downstairs living area has been last on the list for me to update since we moved in. We have a grouping of a gifted brown leather sofa and a recliner chair. I don’t love them, but they are functional with kids for now. For now…this is what I keep telling myself.

The more I update this space, the more I want to change everything. You might remember in my recent post about the TV stand makeover, I’m moving towards a moody eclectic style in this room. I think the hanging chair adds to this style beautifully.

moody eclectic TV stand makeover

One thing about this “moody eclectic” style that I love is the mix of bold colors with different textures. You can see how I incorporated that into this tv stand with the dark paint and cane webbing.

Bringing more textures into this space is another reason that I loved the idea of a hanging swing chair. Most of the hanging swings I looked at were either a rattan or woven material.

There were a handful of specific chairs that I had on my radar. I was looking for a chair that was;

  • affordable (under $500)
  • made of woven materials or rattan (no cotton or fabric swings)
  • included a large cushion
  • had really good reviews

I wanted this swing chair to not only look good and fit the style of the room but it needed to be comfortable too. I’ve sat in rattan and woven chairs previously that didn’t have a cushion, and my back could barely handle it. Also, I didn’t want the hassle of purchasing something else on top of the chair.

Below are a list of my favorite hanging chairs. Only a few of them met all my requirements. Which one would you choose?

Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the amazon links and other affiliate links in this post.

My favorite hanging indoor swing chairs

You know by now which one I chose.

It all came down to which one of these fit my needs the best. I loved the style of the Serena and Lilly hanging chair, but the price point and lack of cushion made me mark it off the list first.

I ultimately chose the Malia Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair because it got great reviews, I like the way it looked aaaaand it had a full cushion!

You can find this chair at Wayfair, Overstock, and Amazon.

I purchased mine through Target because it was on clearance for $188! I think it goes in and out of stock so if you are interested in purchasing it just keep checking those links until it’s back in stock. You can’t beat that price!

How to install a hanging indoor swing chair in a ceiling

  1. Locate the best location for your chair under a ceiling joist
  2. Find and mark the stud or ceiling joist
  3. Install your hanging hardware into the ceiling joist
  4. Measure and attach the swinging chair to the hanging hardware with either a chain or rope
  5. Slowly apply weight to the chair and make sure that the rope or chain is secure
  6. Enjoy your new hanging swing chair

I created a full blog post and video about how to find a ceiling joist in a plywood ceiling.

For those that are wondering, I purchased this manilla rope and this swinging heavy duty hanger. I’m pleased with how they have supported the swing.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

What do you think? I feel like it was made for this space.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair
affordable hanging indoor swing chair

One thing that sold me on this hanging swing was the full cushion that it came with. It’s super comfortable.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair
affordable hanging indoor swing chair
affordable hanging indoor swing chair

Doesn’t this chair say “come on in, snuggle up and stay a while?” LOL. Ok I know furniture doesn’t talk, but can’t you see it!

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

Maybe one day I’ll do a full tour on this room and let you see it. I’m excited with the moody eclectic vibe this room is taking on.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

This is the view from the dining room looking into our sunken living room.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

And if you step back even further, here is the view from the kitchen looking down.

affordable hanging indoor swing chair

And that’s it folks!

You can shop the rest of the decor below.

Are you ready to purchase and install your own chair? I’m sure glad I did.


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  1. Lauren Clark says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    What size rope did you use? (1/2 inch or 1.5inch)? Thanks so much!