About Me

Hello and welcome. I’m Lindsey and I’m sure glad you stumbled upon my little space in the internet world.

A few things you should know about me

  • I’m very much an introvert. While some people are energized by crowds, I am energized by solitude with the ability to create!
  • I am fueled by coffee and the love of anything vintage and antique.
  • I believe that old furniture that’s been tossed aside is a treasure that needs to be resurrected!
  • This blog was started out of a NEED for a creative outlet during my days as a SAHM with two littles.
  • I believe that a home can be furnished, decorated and updated with very  little money. It just takes time, creativity and the willingness to try AND MESS UP!
  • My style tends to migrated towards Modern farmhouse or cottage style with an emphasis on anything vintage
  • If I can do it I promise you can too! I’m here to help.

Thanks for following along this crazy journey. I love to hear from my readers so please drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!


If you want to contact me about questions, comments, sponsorship, or a crazy furniture idea you had, please email me at:


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