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Slate-ish Accent wall- It’s not really Slate?

This post was sponsored by Slate-ish and first seen on Hometalk.

Creating accent walls are my jam. I love a good central focus point in a room that creates dimension in a space. I’ve always known that I wanted to add an accent wall in our dining room, I just didn’t know how or with what. I figured it would be a wood accent wall. Then I was introduced to a really cool product called Slate-ish. Let me show you how I turned a blank boring wall into a beautiful accent wall.

Want to know something interesting? I’ve been DIYing for years and I’ve never installed tile. It’s on my list of things to do but honestly the thought of using a tile saw is just plain intimidating. When I first heard of this product I didn’t immediately jump on board because I figured you needed tile or slate installing experience to use it. NOPE! That’s the beauty of this product.

Slate-ish is made from layered paper/resin composite sheets. Because it’s not made of stone materials it can be cut with a wood saw. SCORE!

wall before Slate-ish

Here’s the wall in my dining room that I want to makeover with Slate-ish. I wanted to add a bold color to really make this space “pop.” Let me show you how easy it is to install this product!

accent wall before Slate-ish

How to install Slate-ish interior wall tiles

First things first; remove everything from the wall and make sure it’s clean and smooth. They do recommend a painted drywall surface.

There are two ways to apply this product. They create a peel and stick product where you peel the adhesive off of the back surface and apply it to the wall. If you don’t use the peel and stick type product, you can apply a clear 100% silicone adhesive to the back of the product and apply it to the wall.

I’ll be using a silicone adhesive to apply the product to my dining room wall.

adding glue to Slate-ish

Apply a dab of Silicone to the back of the product and start by installing it to the bottom of the wall and work your way up. Use painters tape to hold tiles in place until dry if necessary.

cutting Slate-ish with a miter saw

When you reach the other end of the wall and need to make a cut, make a mark on your Slate-ish product and use a miter saw to make the cut.

installing Slate-ish

Continue to work your way up the wall and make sure to alternate thicknesses of tiles as you go.

installing Slate-ish


installing Slate-ish

Make cuts around electrical switches and outlets as necessary with the miter saw or jig saw.

drilling into Slate-ish

Use a drill bit to drill into the tiles to the back of the wall so screws and nails aren’t supported by the tiles, but by the wall.

caulking around Slate-ish

I applied caulk to the edges of the wall to give it a finished look.

I also installed a piece of quarter round to the top so I didn’t have to make long cuts in the tiles.


Ta-dah! I’m finished and I’m so pleased with how this accent wall looks.

Slate-ish accent wall

This space finally looks finished now.

close up of Slate-ish

I can’t believe how easy it was to create this beautiful wall.

Slate-ish accent wall
Slate-ish accent wall

I can finally call this space done!

Thanks for following along guys.


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  1. Andy says:

    What color slate-ish did you choose? I am debating on colors, and like your project results.

  2. beth says:

    You did a beautiful job on this!! I’ve never hear of Slate-ish before. What color did you use?

  3. I used silicone as an adhesive to stick the tiles on the wall. Also, yes they aren’t the cheapest, but well worth it.

  4. Marc Weiner says:

    This tile project looks great. But do you have to screw or nail the tiles to the wall? Also, is it expensive for the tiles?

  5. Marsha Manning says:

    Lindsey, it looks amazing!! You have such a great vision and talent!

  6. Kaci Cheeseman says:

    I’ve pinned this for later because this is amazing!