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Installing Rustix Wood Wall Boards to our Master Bathroom

Wood walls, wood boards and any sort of wood home accent has become a “thing.” I have to say I think this popular trend is here to stay! We recently swapped out our master bathroom vanity for a larger one, added a stenciled checkerboard accent wall and a new light fixture. When Rustix reached out to collaborate with a wood plank project, I knew exactly where I wanted to use it!

You can see the wall behind the vanity is where I decided to put the Rustix wood wall boards. I chose the color beachwood because I felt like it would blend with the room and accent the space well.

A few things to note about Rustix wall board installation before we begin;

  • Once you receive your Rustix wood boards let them sit inside for about 72 hours to acclimate to the climate. This is standard practice before installing any wood product in a home.
  • You can use a construction adhesive, a nail gun or both to install the boards. I’m only using a nail gun.
  • Trim the edges of a board if it’s not totally square.
  • Check the link above for more wall board installation instructions before you begin.

How to install Rustix wood boards

  1. Remove everything from the wall. Removing the light fixture is ideal but not necessary. As you can see I was not able to remove mine.

2. Decide where to begin the installation. I decided to install the boards at the top first. Our ceilings are only 8′ tall so you definitely see them when you walk in the room.

3. Place a wood board at the top right corner. Once the board is placed, make sure the board is level and then attach the board to the wall with a nail gun. I angled the gun to the right for one nail and then to the left for another nail. Then I put at least 1 to 2 other nails straight into the board.

Angling the nails in opposite directions makes it harder for them to work their way out of the wall in comparison to nailing them straight into the wall. This was important because I chose not to use construction adhesive.

Installing Rustix wood boards

4. Once the first wood board was up, I measured and marked where to cut the second board to fit tightly against the wall. Used a miter saw to make a straight cut with the wood.

miter saw to cut wood

5. Continue in this pattern down the wall.

6. Placing the boards around the light fixture required special cuts with a jig saw. Before I made cuts to the wood I created a “stencil” to make sure it would fit.

making stencil to cut around light fixture

This is my “trick” to measuring around a light fixture or electrical outlet. Some people are really good at measuring and making perfect cuts in wood off of those measurements. I am not!

I have learned from experience that if I create my own “stencil” and make sure the stencil fits perfectly, I will save myself some time and energy.

jig saw to cut wood

Once I traced where I needed to cut in the wood with my stencil, I used a jig saw to make the cut.

stencil with wood board

It’s not perfect, but pretty close!

Does it fit? YES!

Rustix wood boards
installing Rustix wood wall boards

You can see I had to make cuts in two of the boards; one for the top of the light fixture and one for the bottom.

7. Continue installing the boards making straight cuts at the edges of the wall and using a jig saw to cut around light fixtures, electrical outlets, and other cuts that you can’t make with a miter saw.

I continued on in this pattern of making straight cuts until I got to the bathroom vanity.

installing Rustix wood
installing wood around the vanity

When I got down to the top of the vanity I had to “rip” the board because it was a little too big to fit. I used a jig saw for this cut and to cut around the granite piece.

installing wood around a toilet

Here is a closer look at the wood cuts around the toilet.

wood wall boards around toilet

I’m almost done!

One important thing to note;

8. When installing Rustix wood wall boards in a wet area, always cover the wood product with a sealer. I chose to use a water based polyurethane product.

sealer on wood wall boards

Once the sealer is dry, the wall is done!

Rustix wood wall boards in bathroom

I can’t believe how much I love the look of this bathroom wall now!

Rustix wall boards in bathroom

I feel like it really “finishes” the space.

Rustix wall boards
Rustix wall boards close up

What do you think? I hope you like it as much as I do.


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  1. Debby says:

    I love how the walls turned out. Thank you for giving me an idea for my bathroom.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Lindsey
    My name is Cheryl and I love it! It looks rustic but not too rustic. The wall paper accents perfectly. Using a template for the fixture is the greatest idea and I’m stealing it! 😃 Excellent work!
    Be safe!

  3. Ginger Rohde says:

    That looks awesome. You sure gave me an idea for my bathroom. Thank you