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Ideas for Painting Bedroom Furniture

Looking for a few ideas for painting bedroom furniture? See a handful of ideas on how to paint and refinish dressers, side tables and beds.

Painting furniture has become rather popular over the past decade or so. As a matter of fact, there really isn’t a reason to toss that old solid wood furniture anymore. There are so many great products that will easily transform any piece of wood with minimal effort.

Here is a list of some ideas to update that old dated furniture:

  1. Two-tone paint: Choose two complementary colors and paint the top and sides of your furniture one color and the drawers or doors another.
  2. Ombre effect: Use a paintbrush or spray paint to create a gradient effect, going from light to dark or vice versa.
  3. Geometric shapes: Use painter’s tape to create triangles, rectangles, or other shapes on your furniture, then paint inside the lines.
  4. Chalk paint: This type of paint gives a matte, vintage look and can be distressed for an even more rustic feel.
  5. Stenciling: Use stencils to create a pattern or design on your furniture, such as flowers, paisley, or chevron.
  6. Metallic paint: Add some shine to your furniture with metallic paint, such as gold, silver, or bronze.
  7. Color blocking: Choose two or three bold colors and paint different sections of your furniture in each color.

Remember to properly prepare your furniture before painting, such as sanding and cleaning, and to use a primer if necessary.

Ideas for Painting Bedroom Furniture

Ideas for Painting Bedroom Furniture

See a handful of ideas for painting bedroom furniture. From paint to stain to finishing techniques, see ideas on how to update old dressers, bed side tables and any bedroom furniture.

Did you find a cool way to update your old bedroom furniture? With so many great furniture paints on the market today like Chalk paint and all in one paints, there really isn’t a reason NOT to update your bedroom.

As always, I hope you leave here inspired to create or refinish something.

Happy painting!

ideas for painting bedroom furniture

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