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Awesome Metallic Paint Projects that Will Inspire You

See a handful of lovely metallic paint projects that hopefully will inspire you to add a little shimmer to any surface.

What is your first thought when you think of metallic painted furniture? I’m not talking about the “over the top” 1970’s retro furniture, but just enough metallics to give the piece a beautiful sheen.

Metallic paint, when used tastefully, can create lovely accents or even base colors on any surface.

Gold tones and vibrant colors are trending these days and I think they are here to stay for a while.

metallic paint projects

How do you add a little pizazz and bling to a surface without overdoing it? Let me show you a handful of talented metallic paint projects that hopefully will inspire you to create something shimmery.

Metallic Paint Projects

Tips to adding Metallic paint to any surface without overdoing it

  • Some metallic paints are very translucent. Paint a solid base coat of paint before using the translucent metallic paint to reduce having to use multiple coats.
  • Make sure the paint you are using is compatible with the material you are applying it to. Is it metal? metallic spray paint normally works best. Do you want full coverage? Make sure the paint isn’t super translucent. Are you covering a large surface area? DecoArt makes great affordable metallic paints that will cover a large area.
  • Metallic paints are known to show brush strokes. Make sure to brush in one direction only and use a high quality synthetic brush or a foam brush to help eliminate brush strokes.

I hope I’ve inspired you to use a little metallic paint. Metallics can be so much fun to work with!

Happy painting friends,


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