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Colorful Dresser Makeover with Adhesive Vinyl Chalkboard Paper

This post is sponsored by Standout Vinyl. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never work with brands that I didn’t believe in or love.

Y’all ready for a colorful dresser makeover with contact paper? You know I’m not much for bright colors, but when it comes to my kids playroom, well why not! I keep most of my kids small toys in an old dresser that I painted many years ago. The paint was in desperate need of a touch up, so I decided to give this old dresser a fun makeover with a few bright colors and some chalkboard adhesive vinyl. 

Speaking of vinyl, I’m also going to share with y’all a great product that I’m using for this fun furniture flip!  Stick around, I’m going to show you how I transformed this dresser with a colorful dresser makeover with adhesive vinyl chalkboard paper.

colorful dresser makeover with contact paper

I want to share with you some “before” pictures.

dresser makeover before
sides of drawers BEFORE dresser makeover

This dresser was in need of a makeover, and a fun colorful one!

You can see where the old chalk paint was chipping and discolored. I wanted to add a little color to the sides of the drawers and I found some inspiration from Pinterest below.

Source: Pinterest

contact paper on sides of dresser drawers

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Since the sides of the dresser drawers were not in good condition I thought it would be fun to cover them with colorful adhesive vinyl contact paper.

I received a package from a company called Standout Vinyl with a roll of chalkboard adhesive vinyl and an array of colorful vinyl sheets.

The first thing I did before I added the adhesive vinyl was to repaint the dresser with a similar gray chalk paint.

painting the dresser
painting the dresser

I repainted the dresser in Annie Sloan chalk paint with the color French Linen. 

I believe this color is almost exactly the same color I painted it the first time but honestly I can’t remember it’s been so long.

After the paint dried, I added the adhesive vinyl so I could transform this dresser into a fun colorful piece of furniture.

Applying colorful adhesive vinyl contact paper to the sides of the dresser drawers

colorful adhesive vinyl contact paper

Look at all the colors of adhesive vinyl I received. How could I choose just six?

tools to apply contact paper

After I chose six, I gathered my materials to cut it.

measuring the dresser drawers for the adhesive vinyl contact paper

I measured the drawer and then began to cut the colorful adhesive vinyl.

using tool to apply contact paper

Standout Vinyl gave me this handy little squeegee with a fabric tip to help spread the Chalkboard paper out on the drawer.

applying adhesive vinyl chalkboard paper

After I applied the colorful vinyl it was time to apply the chalkboard vinyl paper!

I created a border around the chalkboard vinyl with craft tape I found at Target.

tape to border the contact paper

Now that I’ve applied all the adhesive vinyl on my dresser for my colorful furniture makeover, It was time to sit back and let the kids enjoy.

A side note; I’ve used a lot of chalkboard spray paint, chalkboard paint and other chalkboard contact paper over the years. In my opinion, this product is the closest thing to buying a real chalkboard that I’ve used.

The best part is that when you don’t want to use it anymore, you just peel it off!

If you’ve ever used chalkboard paint you know what I mean. The old chalkboard paint requires  a “repaint” after a few uses.  Standout vinyl’s chalkboard paper seems to wipe clean very easily.

The last thing I did for this furniture makeover was to remove the old drawer pulls and spray paint them in an array of colors.

Colorful dresser makeover with adhesive vinyl contact paper

Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper
Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper
Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper
Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper
Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper

My kids love it! Like I said earlier, the best part is that when they grow out of the “colorful” stage, all I have to do is remove the adhesive vinyl and then I can refinish the dresser however I want to.

Colorful dresser Makeover with contact paper

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Thanks for stopping by to see my colorful furniture makeover with adhesive vinyl and chalkboard paper. I hope you’ve been inspired to repurpose or up cycle some of your own furniture. Have a great day friends.


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