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Affordable DIY Open Shelving Ideas Anyone Can Create

Open shelving is the new buzz word. It’s been “buzzing” for a while now and I was afraid this new style would be on it’s way out soon. You’ll see style magazines discussing how this open shelving trend is just that- a trend. Because open shelves can be affordable, easy to create, super stylish, and a good storage solution, I’m thinking this “trend” might outlast the test of time.

Over my last few years on this blogging journey I’ve made a handful of shelves. I’m going to share affordable DIY wall shelf ideas that anyone can create.

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Affordable DIY Open shelving

Affordable shelves for the living room

When we first moved in a few years ago, I wanted to add affordable open shelves to our small desk space without having to do a project. I found these shelves on and have been so happy with them ever since (sorry they aren’t available anymore).

DIY open shelving from Walmart

Purchasing simple shelves like these are a great option for those of you who don’t like to DIY but also don’t want to pay a lot for open shelves.

DIY open shelving in the living room

Don’t these simple open shelves add something cozy to this space?

DIY open shelving in the kitchen

Speaking of cozy, I love the way our open shelves in our kitchen cubby makeover created a little dimension to this space! They provide much needed kitchen storage and a fun area to add some kitchen decor.

kitchen cubby makeover with DIY open shelves

You won’t believe what this space looked like before! The refrigerator stuck WAY out like a sore thumb, so we knew we needed to repurpose this space. I knew I could create a beautiful cozy space WHILE being functional.

kitchen open shelves

These shelves were so simple to DIY because all I had to do was cut a piece of wood, paint it, and attach the hardware. Isn’t this hardware cool?

Speaking of cool shelving hardware, check out this next project.

Easy bathroom open shelves with prism brackets

Everyone needs extra storage in the bathroom right? This was another set of easy custom shelves DIY. Learn how I created two DIY shelves with prism brackets. All it required was a few pieces of wood and then screws to attach to the brackets. Just like that I had a few new open shelves for the bathroom.

DIY bathroom shelves with prism brackets

The best thing about these shelves is that they for corner areas too. I love their geometric “boho” look. What do you think?

DIY industrial pipe shelves

On the topic of bathroom shelves, check out my DIY Industrial Pipe shelves. These were also super easy to create. All you need is a few plumbing materials and a little wood and BOOM, you have a few open industrial shelves.

Industrial pipe DIY open shelves

I love the industrial farmhouse vibe they give the space.

DIY rain gutter book shelves

If you are looking for a set of shelves to hold books (with maybe a more “repurposed” vibe), check out these DIY rain gutter bookshelves I made for my daughters room. For under $10, not only do they look good, but they are super functional shelves too!

DIY rain gutter shelves
FIve DIY rain gutter bookshelves

It’s funny how much more we read when she can see her books on display. I love how she can reach most of them. This was such a fun and easy project that would be great for a beginner DIYer.

Easy DIY rope shelves

If you are looking for DIY shelves with a nautical vibe, then look no further! I created a “mini” set of DIY rope shelves to hold my daughters small dolls and toys. These look great displayed in a kids room, living room and like I said, anything with a nautical vibe!

DIY rope shelves

My daughter loves to line up her small dolls on them. Anything that promotes organization in a kids room is a bonus right?

DIY floating dining room shelves

The last set of shelves I want to share is a set of DIY floating dining room shelves. They are a little more labor intensive to create and require a little more skill. That being said, I hope my instructions are concise enough for an easy DIY.

DIY floating shelves
A quick guide on how I made these floating dining room shelves

I love the look of floating shelves in a dining room, don’t you?

DIY Floating Dining Room Shelves
A tutorial on how I made these floating shelves for my dining room

DIY Thing Floating Shelves

Check out how I made these super cute and easy DIY thin floating shelves. With just a few tools and pre-made shelf hardware, you can too!

DIY thin floating shelves

DIY shelf decor ideas

If you are looking for tips on HOW to style shelves with DIY shelf decor, I’ve got a full tutorial with a video. Styling shelves doesn’t have to be tricky with these few tips.

shelf styling tips

Want to see more of this DIY shelving unit that I created? Check out my DIY feature wall of thrifted built in bookshelves. This is my favorite DIY to date. I created storage, a feature wall, and a lovely space all in one. Score!

affordable DIY open shelving ideas

Affordable DIY open shelving anyone can create

Open shelving is the new buzz word. Let me show you a handful of affordable DIY shelving that even a beginner DIYer can do.

Thanks for stopping by friends. I hope you gained some insight on these DIY wall mounted shelving ideas.


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