How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place with Fabric Tape

I’m a big fan of changing up my bedroom bedding when it’s easy and budget friendly.  After all, changing up the bedding can drastically change the style and feel of your bedroom, right? Best of all, if you can create a new bedroom atmosphere by only adding a new duvet cover it’s a win win! Oh, but then there is that one problem… that darn duvet cover is so annoyingly shifty and uncomfortable because it won’t stay in place. If you’ve ever owned a duvet cover, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Guess what? I have a quick and easy trick on how to keep a duvet cover in place with fabric tape. I only wish I knew about this years ago.

How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place

I started buying duvet covers in college because they are so much cheaper than buying a new quilt or comforter. The idea that I could easily wash it was a huge plus.

The problem is that I would buy the duvet, use it for a month maybe, and then get frustrated because it wouldn’t stay in place. In my haste I would then give it away or get rid of it.

Does this sound familiar?

Oh the money I’ve wasted on duvet covers that I’ve given away.

That’s when I figured out this neat little trick.

The BEST part about this duvet cover hack:

  1. completely washable
  2. completely reversible
  3. super easy!
  4. it only costs you a few bucks

You already know my secret to preventing that pesky shifting of a duvet cover….

Fabric Tape!

I use fabric tape to keep my duvet cover in place to prevent it from moving around inside the duvet cover.

I’m no stranger to using fabric tape. I’ve used fabric tape in the past to create no sew roman shades and no sew valences. I even created my own DIY no sew pillows covers and made no sew pillows from tea towels. Then I decided to create a beginner’s guide to no sew projects, because , well, why not!

Who knew that adding a little bit of fabric tape to the corners and middle of your duvet insert would make life so much easier. Ok now I can sleep better at night. LOL, not really.

How to keep a duvet cover in place without shifting

  1. Find a quilt or duvet insert that will fit perfectly with your duvet cover
  2. Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay flat on a even surface
  3. Try your best to smooth out all the wrinkles
  4. Tape a few pieces of fabric tape to all the corners
  5. Add a few pieces of fabric tape to the center
  6. Carefully lay the duvet insert on top of the duvet cover
  7. Press down on the areas where you have adhered the fabric tape
  8. Reach inside the duvet cover until both hands are at each corner inside the duvet cover (the corners furthest from you)
  9. Pull the inside corners towards you and quickly flip the duvet cover right side up
  10. Fingers crossed that the duvet insert will have not shifted
  11. Move the duvet insert around until it’s properly placed
  12. Add more tape if needed
  13. Enjoy your new bedding!
How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place
How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place

Would you rather watch a video than read this tutorial?

How to Secure a DUVET COVER without clips (using fabric tape!)

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how to keep a duvet cover in place

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32 thoughts on “How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place with Fabric Tape

  1. This is a great idea! I am toying with the idea of a duvet cover for one of my daughters who especially has a hard time with keeping her top bunk bed made. I pinned this for that future. 🙂

    Found you at the Mommy Monday Blog Hop!


  2. This is a good idea. One question – what happens when you need to wash it? Do you have to wash the whole thing – duvet + cover? Because our duvet is 100% wool and needs to be dry-cleaned.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

    1. You are right, you can only wash the whole thing if it’s all machine washable. I understand that some duvet’s are not, so you would need to remove the tape, wash, and then apply new tape.

  3. When I needed to solve this same problem, I found a solution using kids shoelaces (better than ribbon because they won’t accidentally come untied). Cut the shoelaces in half and handsew 1 piece into the inside corner of the duvet cover, and the other piece onto the corner of the comforter. Duvet cover inside out, lay the comforter on top, tie the shoelaces together, flip entire thing inside out. (I’ve never done it, but it occurs to me that extra ties in the middle of each side would make everything even more secure.)

  4. Sorry, I don’t understand the part about NOT USING DOUBLE SIDED TAPE?
    How does the insert ‘hold’ the insert/quilt in place if the sticky side if the tape is stuck to the cover?
    Wouln’t the tape just be ‘non-stick on the cover at that point in irder to hold the insert in place?
    Also…. in the instruction video, the camera is not focused in you actually ‘sticking’ the tape on the corners of the cover because that view is blocked by your body. I was wanting try to figure out how this could possibly work before I try it, by reviewing your method on the video OR a picture of how the tape looked when stuck downat least. I would have thiught DOUBLE SIDED TAPE would be a solutiin though. Please help me understand as this sounded like a great idea at first. 😳

    1. Sorry for the confusion, what I mean is to NOT use regular double sided tape, make sure its double sided FABRIC tape. And the fabric tape is adhered to only one side of the duvet cover INSIDE the duvet cover…. does that make sense? And then when you turn it inside out, the duvet insert stays in place inside the duvet cover. I hope this clears up the confusion.

  5. That is one of those idea that has me sitting here thinking I WISH I had thought of that! Thanks for joining Dishing It & Digging It each week. Love seeing your stuff, even if life has me hopping and I can’t always say thanks 🙂

  6. My daughter’s duvet is always shifting about inside the cover so I may have to give this one a go. I’m also wondering if using you could use velcro strips in the corners so that you can easily just remove and wash the cover and not have to re do the tape each time.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

  7. Well this is so simple and pure genius! How have I not thought of this before. My husband is the worst for making the duvet slip and it drives me crazy. You may have just stopped marital arguments 🙂
    Thank you for joining us at #BigPinkLink

  8. This s brilliant idea we need to try this out Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  9. Since I have a down filled duvet, I will need to remove the cover for washing. Will there be a sticky residue left on the duvet cover when I machine wash it? Will it make a mess in the washing machine? Will there be residue on the down duvet? This method sounds so much easier than sewing velcro on. Also my cover is at least two inches bigger than the duvet on all sides, so the tape might actually work better, Thanks for your help. Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy. When you remove the duvet, you will also need to remove the fabric tape before washing. The fabric tape did not leave a residue or sticky mess, but you can see where the tape was previously. There might be a little staining on the down duvet, but my thoughts are that no one sees it anyway! You will need to re apply the fabric tape after each wash. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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