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DIY Modern Vintage Style Chair Makeover with Gold Spray Paint

Lately I’ve been loving the new gold tones that are coming back in style. No, I don’t mean the ugly brass from the eighties, but yes I do mean the subtle gold accents I’m seeing around Pinterest and social media.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?  I’ve been wanting to add a few gold tones to some of my furniture and I thought what better way to do it than with an old thrifted chair that I could makeover in a DIY modern vintage style with gold spray paint.

DIY Modern Vintage Style Chair Makeover with Gold Spray Paint

This little project all started with a vintage  thrifted chair I found on craigslist. I purchased two chairs and I knew right away what to do with one of them.

craigslist swivel chair

I gave one of the chairs a good makeover right away with my vintage desk makeover.  Unfortunately, the other chair got pushed to the corner of my garage until today, when I finally decided what to do with it!

I’m starting to love a mid century modern furniture style.

This style incorporates clean lines, metals and bold (not necessarily bright) colors. This is exactly what I was going for with my DIY modern vintage chair makeover. I wanted to add a pop of “modern” to the base. This is where the gold spray paint comes in.

Mid century style furniture also seems to encompass bold colors.

I wanted to do something I normally don’t do…….add a little color to this modern vintage style furniture makeover.  Since I’ve been on a dark blue kick lately, I figured why not paint the chair base the same color that I painted that old bookcase with chalk spray paint.

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The gold spray paint below is my “go to” spray paint for the new gold tones that have become popular.  Just to recap, it’s not that brassy gold, but more of a modern gold tone. I really love it.

The chalk spray paint in the color Charcoal is another favorite of mine right now. I love the ease of use with the spray paint. It also comes in a can form. If you want to know the pros and cons and my review of chalk spray paint click.

In my normal fashion, I seemed to have lost the “progress” pics of painting the modern vintage chair.  I tell ya, sometimes I worry about myself. #hotmessmama  Help my feelings and let me know you can relate! 😉

Ok, back on track with my DIY modern vintage style chair makeover.

Since it doesn’t take a genius to explain how to spray paint a piece of furniture, I figured we would be just fine without the progress pics.

Tips on spray painting this chair;

I started by spray painting the seat first. I did this because I thought it would be easier to spray the larger piece first (which involved turning it and flipping it in all different directions).  After the seat was fully painted, I could move to the base, which didn’t require a lot of “flipping.”

I love how you can transform the style of a piece of furniture with just a few cans of paint!

DIY Modern Vintage Style Chair Makeover with Gold Spray Paint
DIY Modern Vintage Style Chair Makeover with Gold Spray Paint

If you enjoyed this project and want to save it for later, feel free to pin it {here} or pin the image below.

DIY Modern Vintage Style Chair Makeover with Gold Spray Paint
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