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My Favorite King Size Quilt Covers (Duvet Covers)

Looking for a King size quilt cover? I’ve got a quick list of beautiful king size duvet covers with a few different options.

I’m a huge fan of buying duvet covers vs. buying big comforters or even quilts for two reasons; children and animals. I would image it’s the same reason most hotels stopped furnishing their rooms with big comforters and started buying small duvet covers; they are easily washable!

Another reason I love quilt covers is that they are so much easier to store! Did I mention they are normally a lot cheaper than regular old comforters or quilts? This is great for those of you who love to swap out your bedding but don’t have a lot of storage or a lot of money (me me!).

Don’t leave without checking out my duvet cover hack! It’s a little secret I’ve been using for years to keep a duvet cover in place.

how to keep a duvet cover in place

You ready to see some of my favorite king size quilt covers? Yay, me too.

Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the amazon links and other affiliate links in this post.

Oversized King Duvet Covers

Premium oversized duvet cover– This duvet set comes with an oversized king option. This is great if you are looking for a solid colored oversized option. Did I mention there are 8 different color options?

Oversized king quilt cover

California Design oversized King quilt cover– This is another great king quilt with cover with oversized options in multiple different colors.

California Design king quilt cover

King Quilt Cover sets

NANKO King Duvet Cover– What I love about this set it the cute button detail and the fact that it zips closed! It also has corner ties to make sure the insert doesn’t shift around. This duvet set also comes in a variety of colors.

black king size quilt cover set

White Seersucker Duvet Cover set– This white seersucker quilt cover set really adds texture to a bed set! It does come in a few other colors as well.

white seersucker quilt cover set

Microfiber King three piece quilt cover set– This king size quilt cover set comes in eight different colors. It’s simple design and affordable price makes it a really versatile bedding set.

king size quilt cover

Jersey Knit Cotton Duvet Cover Set– This super soft and comfortable quilt cover set comes in 15 different colors. The jersey knit material is breathable and skin friendly.

jersey knit duvet cover set

Bamboo Duvet Covers

Royal Hotel Bamboo Duvet Cover– Bamboo sheets are hands down the most soft material you can buy for sheets. Now you can buy them in a duvet cover or quilt cover. This set comes in 13 color options too.

bamboo duvet cover king sized

Bamboo Duvet cover/quilt cover– This is another option for a Bamboo king quilt cover. This particular set comes in 13 color options too.

bamboo king quilt cover

You can see my favorite king size duvet cover below.

How to Keep A Duvet Cover in Place

I hope you’ve found this list useful.

king size quilt covers


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