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Beginner’s Guide to No Sew Projects with No Sew Products

Don’t like to sew the traditional way? check out my beginner’s guide to no sew projects easy things to “sew.”

As a child I remember my grandfather teaching me a few basics about sewing. We would both sit around my moms sewing machine and I would watch as he would thread the bobbin and run the thread around the machine. Then he would slowly press the pedal and run a piece of fabric through it. As time went on he instructed me to sit in the “drivers seat” and he tried to show me all he knew.

One summer, I was about 8, he decided to help me make my own dress. This was daunting but we did it! We created a little A line dress from a simple pattern. Even though I gained some really great sewing skills, I still didn’t enjoy it.

beginners guide to no sew projects

Time passed and around my 10th birthday my grandfather bought me a sewing machine. He said it was time for me to have my own because every young woman needed one. I was very thankful, but I still didn’t like to sew.

I still have that sewing machine (I think I gifted it to my mom). To be honest, it hasn’t been used much since he gave it to me.

I desperately want to love to sew, but I just don’t.

As an avid DIYer it would be handy to know a few sewing skills, if I wanted to use them.

I don’t want to use them though….

I don’t know why I despise sewing so much, but I do. Because of this, I have found a few great ways to get around sewing. I can even say I’ve mastered the art of New Sew! LOL, not really.

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There are a few great products on the market that make no sew projects a breeze!

No Sew Products for easy sew projects:

How to use No Sew Products for easy beginners “sew” projects

  1. Stitch witchery is a fusible bonding web that creates a bond when it’s heated up with a steam iron. This is great if you are hemming anything like curtains or you just need to bond two pieces of fabric together. I used this product to create my own no sew curtains or no sew valence. It worked beautifully to create the “hem.”
  2. Fabric tape is similar to stitch witchery but it doesn’t require a steam iron to bond. It is removable and double sided. I’ve even used it to keep my duvet cover in place! The great thing about fabric tape is that it’s removable if you decided you don’t want to use it anymore. I’ve also created a few DIY no sew pillow covers and DIY no sew pillows from Target tea towels. This stuff is so versatile!
  3. Fabric glue- I have not used this stuff yet but everyone who has swears by it!
  4. Staple gun- you are probably wondering why I’ve included this in a list of no sew products to use. A staple gun is a must when doing upholstery and not wanting to use a sewing machine. I created my own DIY box seat cushion or bench seat cushion and used a staple gun and a piece of wood rather than a sewing machine.

Beginner’s Guide to No Sew Projects

The best way to think about how to create a no sew projects is to understand that everywhere you would normally use a sewing machine, you are going to replace with a no sew product.

For example, if you are going to create a no sew seam, rather than sewing a seam, you are going to use stitch witchery or fabric tape to bond the two seams together.

You can see below where I’ve created my own no sew seam.

how to make a no sew roman shade or valence from a shower curtain

No Sew video tutorials:

DIY no sew pillow covers

How to make a no sew roman shade or valence

No sew project tips

  1. Fabric tape is very sticky. This is good to remember when you are creating a seam that holds a lot of tension. For example, when I created my DIY no sew pillow covers from tea towels, I stuffed them a little too much and the seam bulged a little. This created a “sticky” area on the pillow where the fabric tape was exposed. Hindsight, I probably would have used stitch witchery instead.
  2. Always double check the stitch witchery after you iron it to make sure it bonded well. I have experienced that if the iron isn’t hot enough or there isn’t enough steam, it won’t create a strong enough bond.
  3. When using a staple gun for upholstery, make sure you staple into a solid piece of wood, faux wood or laminate. Don’t try to staple fabric together, it rarely works!
  4. Using no sew products work well for things like pillows and home decor items. I would not use it for clothes!

No Sew Projects

No sew bench seat cushion

No Sew DIY Bench seat cushion

How to make a no sew roman shade or valence

how to make a no sew roman shade or valence

DIY no sew pillows with tea towels from the Target dollar spot

DIY no sew pillows with tea towels

DIY no sew pillow covers

diy no sew pillow covers

One of my favorite no sew projects are holiday projects!

Christmas pillows from a canvas gift bag

DIY No sew Christmas pillows from a canvas gift bag

Sewing Two Curtain Panels Together with No Sew Tape

how to attach two curtains together with no sew tape

Dollar Store Christmas Craft DIY Pillow from a Santa Sack

Dollar tree santa sack turned pillow Dollar Store Christmas craft

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