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How to Add an Antique Gold finish with Rub N’ Buff

You know how trends come and go? I’m not normally one who follows them but this new ” “vintage or aged gold” look is amazing! I’ve found a great gold spray paint that I’ve used to transform a few furniture pieces. The gold spray paint is awesome, but I’ve recently discovered an even easier, cheaper and more effective way to add an aged gold finish to anything! You can even use this stuff on shoes! I want to share how to add an antique gold finish with Rub N’ Buff.

How to Add an Antique Gold finish with Rub N' Buff

Have you heard? Antique gold finish is in! Not that I do anything based on trends, but I do love this one. As a matter of fact, I’ve transformed a few furniture pieces with a little gold paint.

I transformed an old chair with an antique gold spray paint for a modern vintage look. I used the same spray paint to DIY boho looking hanging planters from the dollar store. I even used to accent a few decor elements in our budget friendly beach cottage mudroom.

I love the look of the antique gold spray paint, but I think I found my new favorite gold product.

I stumbled upon this product at Hobby Lobby the other day while looking for more gold spray paint. It was only $5.99, so I figured I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did. Let me show you the product.

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I’m planning my daughters vintage chic bedroom makeover, and a part of the makeover will include aged gold accents or vintage gold tones.

She currently has two  black lamps in her bedroom and a sweet little antique desk and chair I refinished about a year ago. Both of those furniture pieces had a dark finish, and I knew I wanted to add gold accents, but I didn’t want to buy new furniture.

This new product called Rub N’Buff came to the rescue! You can’t beat transforming a few furniture pieces for $5.99!

Y’all this stuff is so easy. I’ve been wanting to add some gold accents around our new rustic beach cottage, but I didn’t want to spend any money.

With a little DIY room decor, I’ve added pops of vintage gold color with these old lamps I almost threw away!

the lamp before adding Rub N' Buff

How to add an antique gold finish with Rub N’ Buff

How to Add an Antique Gold finish with Rub N' Buff

Now that y’all see how easy it is to create a gold finish on anything, let me share some more of their colors and finishes!

This product comes in a sampler pack (colors listed above) that I might just have to purchase soon.  Oh the projects that I could create!

My new DIY antique gold finish lamps with Rub n’ Buff

How to Add an Antique Gold finish with Rub N’ Buff
How to add an antique gold finish with rub n buff
Rub n' Buff to lamps

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I hope y’all were inspired to create something out of nothing! It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to repurpose or upcycle something that would otherwise be tossed to the side!

Thanks for stopping by.


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