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Budget Friendly Beach Cottage Mudroom

Is there an area in your home that you can’t live without? Is there a space in your home that you need to function properly? For me, this is a mudroom. I NEED a drop zone for book bags, purses, keys, shoes, and all our JUNK! With two kiddos running around, my house is rarely a clean and tidy space. That’s why I rely on a entryway or mudroom to organize the chaos. When we moved in to our rustic beach cottage I knew my first project needed to be project mudroom! I wanted to add a little more color and rustic charm to my budget friendly coastal cottage mudroom.

Coastal style mudroom

Unlike my last DIY modern farmhouse mudroom makeover, I wanted to add more texture and color.

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As always, I needed to create it on a budget.  So when I was walking through Walmart and saw a $59 shelf that I could repurpose as a bench (FYI the price has gone up since this post was written), that’s when I knew I had my coastal cottage mudroom plan.

Let me share the beginnings of this bare mudroom:

mudroom with shoes on the floor

What a mess!

My beach cottage mudroom is just a wall that I will transform into a more functional space on a budget!

How to create a budget friendly mudroom

The first thing I wanted to add was wall boards. Wall boards add so much dimension and character. I happened to have a few left over from a previous wall board project in our old home.

These wall boards are white washed hardwood and are from Weaber Lumber.  I love how authentic these boards are. They aren’t perfectly square and they have a very rough texture, but I think that adds to their charm.

adding wall boards to the wall for the mudroom

You can see where I started nailing the wall boards at the bottom and worked my way up. I only went 2/3 the way up the wall with the boards because I knew I wanted to add a nice shelf above it.

adding wall boards to the wall for mudroom

Once the boards were installed 2/3 the way up the wall, I decided to add wall paper. I know I know, what is it with wallpaper? Hear me out.

Wallpaper used to be a JOB to put up and an even bigger JOB to pull down. Guess what? Most wallpaper today is peel and stick! Yep, this means it’s no mess to put up and even easier to pull down. You can see the difference between peel and stick vs. regular wallpaper here. I’ve even got a great video tutorial for you.

Now it’s time to add the Walmart bench!

Weaber lumber wall boards installed

I loved the functionality of the shelf, but ultimately I felt like it still looked like a “shelf.” It just so happened that I had some old wood I previously used as a headboard in our old home. I thought I could lay it on top of the bench to make it look more finished.

Lucky me, it fit perfectly.

mudroom bench from a shelf

I still had 3 planks left over, so I decided to build a shelf!

making a DIY wood top for the bench

After I made the shelf, I painted the wood. I decided to go with a great spray paint that I’d used before for a chair makeover. 

Next on the to-do list was hardware. I wanted to go with an aged gold color. I found the perfect hardware for a fraction of what you pay in the store! See all the sources at the end of the post.

I spray painted the hinges that hold up the top shelf with my favorite gold spray paint.

The last thing I did was add a little moulding to both sides of the  wood boards to make it look finished.

Budget friendly coastal cottage mudroom reveal

coastal style mudroom makeover
coastal style mudroom makeover
coastal style mudroom makeover
budget friendly beach cottage mudroom makeover
budget friendly beach cottage mudroom makeover
budget friendly beach cottage mudroom makeover
budget friendly beach cottage mudroom makeover
Cottage style mudroom

I’m so glad I have a functional mudroom space again!

Shop the post:

Antique Brass Hooks

Brackets for Top Shelf– I spray painted them gold with THIS spray paint


5 Cube Organizer/ bench

Love you to the beach and back pillow

Bird pillow

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

Woven storage bins (these aren’t exact, but pretty darn close)

And that’s it!

Total cost to build this coastal mudroom (without accessories):

  • Bench: $60
  • Hooks: $25
  • Shelf hardware: $15
  • Spray paint: $10
  • Wallpaper: $50
  • Moulding (beside the wall boards): $8
  • Wall boards (these were provided by the Weaber Lumber, so I did not pay for them. You could make your own by ripping plywood sheets for under $40 at the most! You can also find a realistic looking wall board decals (sort of like wallpaper) HERE.  We will say that the cost for the boards (on the low end) is $50.
  • I already had the shelf and bench wood on hand, so that didn’t cost me anything. I purchased Pine boards that were about 1″ by 6″ wide and had the hardware store cut them to fit.

TOTAL COST: around $300

Feel free to please Pin the image below to Pinterest if you want to save it for later!

Beach Cottage Mudroom makeover

I’m so excited to finally have a dumping ground again.

This budget friendly coastal cottage mudroom is exactly what our rustic beach cottage needed.

Just in case you needed some Christmas mudroom inspiration, here ya go!

Christmas Coastal Cottage mudroom

Thanks for stopping by guys!



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  1. Sam says:

    Hi there! How has this held up? Does it actually withstand weight to be sat on? Like by a squirmy 43 lb toddler? Or 180 lb adult?

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  3. Tadinee Marsili says:

    Thanks Lindsey, this is exactly what I want for my mudroom. Quick question, can I just use nail liquid alone without air nailer?

    • That’s a good question. I think it depends on how thick of wood you are going to use. The boards I used are real hardwood and pretty thick. If you use a real thin and light wood I think you could get away with it. I hope this helps!

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    WOW! Everything turned out so great. It’s gorgeous and featuring when my link party opens up!

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  22. This looks fantastic. I really like the wallpaper, peel and stick. I will need to check out.

  23. Suz Tam says:

    I LOVE this! It looks so good. I’m not sure I wouldn’t stop my family from putting their shoes in it and using it as a little escape for me!!

  24. Jann Olson says:

    It turned out wonderfully and so very functional! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Snap says:

    I love your makeover. The wood wall is a winner! (Thanks for the link.)

  26. Carmen says:

    You did a beautiful job! And for only $300! Wow!

  27. Kippi says:

    I adore a mudroom. I have a Pinterest board of just mudrooms. It is a place to store and organize items coming in and going out of a home. I really want one, but there is not place in my house for one. Love this budget friendly one you created. So glad I found this post on the Link Party today. Happy Summer, Kippi

  28. It turned out so nice. I wasn’t sure about the wood on top of the bench when I saw the first image, but it all came together beautifully!

  29. Nice! That’s a great cost for what you did there! I love that coastal feel in your mudroom…I wish we had a dedicated space that I could use for a mudroom *dreams*.