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Cottage Style Master Bedroom Makeover

I can’t believe I’m finally saying this, but my cottage style master bedroom is finally complete! I’m no stranger to room makeovers, and I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of them lately, but it seems that our master bedroom always gets the shaft. Not anymore, because I’ve finally completed a few projects and now I can say our cottage style master bedroom makeover is complete!

cottage style master bedroom makeover

What defines a Cottage Style master bedroom?

Cottage style, according to HGTV, has a colorful, comfortable look characterized by painted or decorated furniture with graceful lines, weathered finishes, textural elements such as baskets, bead board walls and natural-fiber rugs, and colors taken straight from a lush flower garden.

Let me share a real life picture of what our bedroom looked like right after we moved into our rustic beach cottage.

Disclaimer; this is real life y’all, messy bed and all!

bedroom before
bedroom before

Ok so now that you know the layout of the room (narrow and wide), let’s talk about what I did first to create my cottage style master bedroom makeover.

You see those corner windows? I knew I wanted to do something with that space like a “sitting area.” The wall is very long and the ceilings are low (a little shorter than 8′, lovely 80’s homes!).

In an effort to draw your eye up and make the ceilings look a little taller, I added corner curtains almost all the way to the ceiling. You can see all the details on how to create your own corner curtains and a DIY corner curtain rod hack.

how to hang corner curtains

The bedroom is finally looking better!

Next I took our old dressers and gave them a new look with a restoration hardware dresser knockoff makeover. I used Stikwood peel and a stick planks and paint to transform the dresser.

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Dresser makeover with Stikwood

Shortly after I completed the dresser makeover’s, I found a fabulous bed at a local store here. You can see a very similar bed to mine HERE. If you want a more affordable option you can see THIS one, although it’s less like my original bed.

I was so happy with the way the corner curtains turned out to make the room look taller, that I decided to do a little sharpie shiplap in our master bedroom. This time I created the lines in a vertical pattern and not horizontal.

how to fake a tall ceiling

It really worked! I feel like it did make the ceilings look taller. That being said, I still wasn’t 100% happy with it.

I wanted our bedroom to look a little more classic. My end goal was a classic cottage style bedroom and I felt like the vertical lines gave it a farmhouse style.

That’s when I stumbled upon a fun product and DIY’ed a little picture moulding from peel and stick moulding.

diy peel and stick picture moulding

I hung my DIY botanical prints inside the picture frame moulding for a more cozy cottage feel.

I’m loving the way this is turning out!

Lastly, I created a DIY woven basket wall to add more texture to the room.

I purchased a few new goodies like an affordable comforter set that I LOVE!

I still haven’t done anything with the cherry wood side tables and I don’t think I will for now. Every now and then it’s ok to have a decor item mismatched, right?

Cottage style master bedroom

cottage style master bedroom

Like I said earlier, I love the texture and warmth the wall baskets add. You can see how I DIY’ed those topiary trees with boxwood sprays.

I also used the basket with the pillows to cover up the TV cords.

If you are wondering about the console table, I initially created it as a DIY X style sofa table for our living room. I decided it looked better in here (and I needed a super narrow table) so I moved it.

basket wall
cottage style master bedroom makeover

I love the mix of whites against the dark black dressers.

cottage style master bedroom makeover
cottage style master bedroom makeover

The lighting is tricky in this room because it only comes from those corner windows, but we make it work!

cottage style master bedroom makeover

For about $100, this bedspread set from Walmart is totally worth it!

I love how inviting the bed looks now!
Cottage Style Master Bedroom Makeover
Cottage Style Master Bedroom Makeover
Cottage Style Master Bedroom Makeover
bedroom wall three different ways


What do you think? I’m pleased to finally have a master bedroom retreat to live in!

Thanks for stopping by friends,


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  1. Cat says:

    Simplicity, fresh, clean look. JUST ❤️

  2. Thank you Jocelyn, they were a fun project.

  3. Cindy B Smith says:

    It’s beautiful!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like your dressers, very clever.