How to Create a Basket Wall for a Cozy Cottage Style

Nothing says “cozy cottage” like lots of natural and woven decor elements. This is one reason why I love the look of a basket wall! Decorating with baskets on a wall really adds dimension and texture to a space.

how to create a basket wall

I love the look of anything cottage style. I’ve even tried to incorporate a lot of cottage style decor in our rustic beach cottage. One major element of this type of style is decorating with textured elements that bring warmth and coziness to a space. One of these elements is woven baskets.

It’s funny how my idea of hanging things on the wall has changed.

Decorating a wall, for me at least, used to consist of art and pictures. Now anything goes! You can hang rugs, signs and even plants! I love it! Gallery walls of random items are very popular today too.

I still think my favorite type of wall decor to date is my set of free printable botanical prints. I have used this set of six pictures in so many different settings.

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Where can you buy round woven wall baskets for a basket wall?

These type of baskets are easily found at thrift stores today! I found a set of five in all different sizes for $2 TOTAL!

If you aren’t successful at your local thrift store, Amazon has loads of woven wall decor. Let me show you.

Also, don’t feel like your baskets have to be perfectly round or even all the same type! I love the scalloped look of the basket below.

You can even use something like a woven trivet! Better yet, you can create your own with just woven jute or some other type of woven material hot glued in a circle!

You can see a set of similar flat woven wall decor below! This would be so easy to DIY (hmmm, always thinking of future projects).

I love the colors on this basket below. Don’t feel like you can’t incorporate color or patterns! Mixing colors and patterns is what a fun basket wall is all about!

You can also find a bundle of woven baskets on Etsy!

You get my point with all these examples, right?

How to create a basket wall

  1. Gather materials; baskets, paper, pencil, scissors, 3M command strips, painters tape.
  2. Lay baskets on top of white paper. Note; tape paper together to make a bigger paper if the basket exceeds the size.
  3. Lay the baskets flat on the paper and trace them.
  4. Cut out the paper on the lines you traced.
  5. Start creating arrangements with the paper cut outs.
  6. Use the painters tape to tape the cut outs on the wall in the arrangement you want to hang your baskets in.
  7. Once you’re happy with the arrangement (this might take a little shifting), replace the paper cut outs with the baskets. Use the 3M command strips to attach the baskets to the wall.
  8. Sit back and enjoy your new woven basket wall.

You can see above where I had to tape 3 pieces of paper together to fit the large woven basket.

I created arrangements on the floor first.

DIY Basket wall
DIY basket wall

My cozy cottage style bedroom is finally complete with this wall of woven baskets.

how to create a basket wall
how to create a basket wall
how to create a basket wall
how to create a basket wall
how to create a basket wall
how to create a basket wall

What do you think of my simple DIY basket wall? I can’t wait to share the rest of my cottage style bedroom makeover soon. Stay tuned!

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