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Affordable Farmhouse Style Sofa’s and Sectionals for Under $1000

Well It’s finally time. My husband and I have never purchased a sofa of our own EVER. We’ve always used hand me downs or sofa’s we’ve found on craigslist. Recently I had this bright idea that I would sell our existing sectional (I really never liked it, it was an army green :)) and take my grandfathers old couch and slip cover it. BAD IDEA. Have y’all ever sat on a slip covered couch? Well, I figured I could find a slip cover that looked tailer made for this couch; NOT.  Five months in, and an unhappy husband, we’ve finally decided it’s time to break down and buy a sofa of our own. I’ve created a list of my favorite budget friendly sofas and sectionals as inspiration for my search. This post contains a few affiliate links. If you purchase from one of these affiliate links I will receive a small commission which keeps this blog up and going. Don’t worry, you won’t pay a dime more for the product.  Can I be honest? If money were not an option I would buy a leather sofa from Pottery Barn  like this one below. Pottery Barn Sofa Well if I had three thousand dollars I might think about it, but it’s still rather small for three thousand dollars, don’t you think? Let’s get real and get back to the drawing board. I did find a fabulous leather sectional, although it’s still a bit above my one thousand dollar budget. leather sectional Dont you love that camel color? This is from Overstock and unfortunately it’s out of stock….c’mon Overstock! I guess for right under $1400, that’s a steal and it would sell out fast. Maybe I will have to keep checking back on this one.

Most farmhouse style lovers know that the ultimate farmhouse style sectional is from Ikea.

I love this couch, and for $799 (yes it’s really $799 -some of the other colors cost a little more) you can’t beat it.  Also, all the reviews say it’s great! One little problem, though, I don’t live near a Ikea. They do ship, so I might have to look into that option. If you want a really affordable couch, I found this one on Amazon. Wow, for $600 that’s not bad at all. The reviews are really good too. I also like that dark gray color. Amazon couch If you are looking for something a little softer and more feminine, here is a beautiful tufted couch for less than $500. tufted couch This next tufted couch looks a little more sturdy, and for right over $1,000, I’m sure its a little more durable too. Tufted Couch #2 I do love the look of the tufted couch, but my husband says he can’t “relax” in  a couch that looks like that.  I get it….time to move on to other styles. I found a great (small though) couch on Wayfair. Wayfair couch This is a good neutral looking couch for under $850. I also found this couch for right over $1000. It’s made by Broyhill.  Broyhill couch I had to share this ticking stripe loveseat that I found. It fits a modern farmhouse or farmhouse style so perfectly! ticking stripe loveseat

This next sofa sectional looks to be a great neutral grayish color that could blend with any farmhouse or modern farmhouse colors.

sofa sectional I LOVE this couch below that I found on Wayfair. I still don’t think hubby would find it “comfortable.”  P.S. this one is half off right now! Tufted #3 What do you think of my favorite farmhouse sofa finds? I can’t wait to show hubby and see what he thinks. I’ll keep y’all posted as to which one we choose. Please feel free to save the image below to Pinterest for future reference. Affordable Farmhouse Style Sofa's and Sectionals for Under $1000 Interested in seeing more posts like this? Check out my SHOP THE POST category.
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