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Toilet Room Makeover and a Clever Way to Decorate Around the Toilet

See how I updated the area around the toilet (some would call it the toilet room) for a clever and budget friendly bathroom makeover.

My kids bathroom has what I would call a “toilet nook.” It’s a small narrow area in between the shower and the sink. I’m no stranger to budget bathroom remodels. I can even share a few tips on how to update your old builder grade lighting for free! Today, though, I’m sharing a quick bathroom feature wall update with only paint and a few nautical accessories.

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Below is what the bathroom nook looked life before I got my hands on it.

toilet room before the budget remodel

Just a plain and simple toilet room. I thought about putting some curtains up, but then I had a better idea!

the bathroom before the budget remodel

First let’s talk about paint. Paint can really transform a wall, even chalk paint! For those of you wondering, yes I did use chalk paint to paint the wall (it is possible!).

The first thing I did was paint the back wall a dark moody color.

chalk painting the wall

I’m a fan of moody colored featured walls these days. I’m seeing a pattern of them in my home!

Below is a picture of the first coat (wet) of chalk paint on the wall.

chalk painted wall
chalk paint on a wall

I love how the dark color makes the moulding around the window pop! I’ve used this color (charcoal by Rustoleum) previously in our budget friendly mudroom makeover. I painted the shelf and the bench top with this.

budget friendly beach cottage mudroom makeover

I love the pops of dark blue and white!

Once the wall was painted, I moved on to the window treatment.

Like I said earlier I thought about simple curtains like drop cloth curtains. I decided I wanted something a little more industrial and unique.

Remember when I made an indoor awning from roofing tin?

How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

I put it over my kids homework station, but eventually got the itch to switch it out and took it down.

Since then it’s been sitting in our garage. I happened to remember it and thought it might fit perfectly over the window.

indoor awning from roofing tin over window

It’s like it was meant to be! I knew there was a reason I removed it from the living room homework station, lol.

Next I added a few accessories and ta-da!

Budget friendly toilet room makeover

toilet room makeover

What a difference a little paint makes!

toilet room makeover

I’m so pleased with this toilet room now.

toilet room makeover for a budget bathroom feature wall

What do you think? Does it look better?

Thanks for stopping by friends. I hope I’ve inspired you to update something, even if it’s a simple wall behind the toilet!


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