Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

My oldest kiddo just entered into the first grade this year. If you’re a mom, you know what this means; the beginning of homework! I know this is just the beginning of lots of nights at the kitchen table trying to teach them, push them, and figure out what the heck this new common core math is all about! Since we only have a small dining room table, I decided I would create a really fun homework station with IKEA Svalnas wall mounted desk. Even if the coming years of late night homework might not be the most exciting, at least I can create a neat space to spend it in!Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

Does anyone have the perfect homework desk for your elementary school kids? I’ve searched high and low and I’ve found it! The best part of this desk is that it will grow with my kids. What I mean is that as they grow I can adjust the desk height so they can use it for many years. This isn’t a sponsored post I just had to share this desk because I think it’s that cool! Of course I couldn’t leave it looking “plain Jane” like most IKEA furniture looks.

Goals for my kids homework station are;

  • Storage space for homework
  • Small enough to not take up too much space
  • Will adjust for size as they grow
  • Affordable (of course!)
  • Organization for storing papers
  • A fun space where my child will WANT to learn

Let me show you what the SVALNÄS DESK FROM IKEA looks like (before my IKEA furniture makeover). SVALNÄS DESK FROM IKEA

In my normal fashion I couldn’t leave it “as is” and I had to give it a little color. You can see all about how to paint IKEA furniture in my post HERE. 

I love this desk because as the kids grow you can adjust the desk height accordingly. Eventually, it will be at an adult height.

If you’re a momma you know how quickly kids grow in and out of things.  THIS DESK WILL LAST THEM THROUGH THE YEARS.

This was huge friends, HUGE!

I’ve outlined a few high points about this desk in my YouTube video HERE if you are interested.

After I installed the desk (which was pretty easy by the way) I wanted to add a fun element to this space. I had an old piece of roofing tin that I thought would look great repurposed as an indoor awning! I’ve also got a video on how to install an indoor awning if you would rather watch the process. How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

Doesn’t it add a fun flair to the space? I think momma is more excited about this than the kids. 🙂

After the desk was installed and the piece of tin was repurposed to an indoor awning, I added a few accessories to this space and it was done!

SOURCE LIST for my kids homework desk;

I found the metal baskets at Hobby Lobby. I tried to find them online for you but unfortunately I haven’t been successful.

The green kids chairs are from Target. These are awesome because they fit my kids perfectly, but they are strong enough for an adult too!

The desk lamp is from Walmart. You can’t beat $5 for a lamp!


You can see how I transformed an old SUGAR MOLD with grain sack stripes HEREhow to decorate vintage style with a sugar mold and grain sack stripes

These are so versatile, they can be used for greenery or candles or even crayons!

The metal galvanized bucket with chalkboard label was also from Walmart.

This is great for storing glue, scissors and markers.

You want to know the best part about this desk? My kids fight over it! They LOVE it and use it daily. It’s funny how much more they color and write now that they have easy access to their markers and paper. Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

Kids Homework Station with IKEA SVALNÄS Wall Mounted Desk

And the sweetest picture of all…….

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  1. I love this idea. It’s perfect for my 2nd grade granddaughter to do homework, color and paint. She could get a lot of years out it. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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