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Apartment Update with Industrial and Nautical Touches

Sometimes it feels good just to start over right? Sometimes it feels good to purge most of what you own and downsize to only what you need. This is exactly what my client did. He sold his 1700 square foot home and downsized to a 600 square foot apartment; this was what he needed and nothing more.

This is where I came in; He wanted to furnish his new apartment with all new furniture, minus a few pieces. His budget was $10,000 for everything including furniture.

Let me show you where we started; with a blank 600 square foot space apartment.

View from front door looking into sitting room
kitchen nook
view from living room into sitting room and front door
bedroom looking into sitting room

John gave me full freedom to design and furnish with whatever I wanted.

My goal was to create a functional but comfortable environment that looked stylish and cohesive. His only request was to use a particular picture that showcased a boat race that he participated in for years.

Keep in mind that the only thing I could update was the furnishings, so I couldn’t do anything with the walls or floors.

Apartment update with Industrial and Nautical touches

I was pleased to see it all come together!  I tried to keep it neutral with a few industrial and nautical touches.

In the end, my client was pleased, so that’s what mattered.

“Timeless designs on a budget.”


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