How to Decorate Vintage Style with a Sugar Mold and Grain Sack Stripes

Have you ever found yourself looking for the perfect “piece” to fit a certain area in your home with no luck?  This is how my search for a table centerpiece went until I landed on a great find at an antique market called “Vintage Market Days.” To my surprise, it wasn’t a shiny, silver or gold antique, but an old and dirty piece of wood called a SUGAR MOLD. You know me, I love to repurpose and up cycle, so here we go with a new project; Decorating vintage style with a sugar mold and grain sack stripes.

sugar mold

I love a good antique market, but I tend to get a little overwhelmed at all the stuff.

There is so much “junk,” literally junk, that I find myself stressing out until I find something of value.

I kept coming back to this vintage sugar mold.

They had TONS of sugar molds for sale, but I just couldn’t decided if I really needed it. It was covered in dirt, and dinged up, so I couldn’t decided if it was really “table” worthy.

Since it was decently priced, I decided to buy this SUGAR MOLD and add a few grain sack stripes to give it a vintage vibe.


At first glance, all vintage sugar molds look dingy and dirty. Well, let me backtrack.

Yes, all vintage items are a little banged up and show some age, but all the sugar molds I’ve ever seen always look pretty rough.

I didn’t know if I could “decorate” it enough to want to display it as a beautiful centerpiece.

I knew I needed to create a table worthy sugar mold, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn this vintage piece into a show stopper centerpiece.

So lets start at the beginning. Here she is, in all her raw glory:


This was still a great vintage piece but not ready for a table centerpiece, yet.

I still felt like it needed something to dress it up.

Since I’ve been eyeing grain sacks lately, I figured why not paint some GRAIN SACK STRIPES?

Honestly, eeeerrrrbody is into a grain sack stripe these days, or so it seems! I can’t go wrong with painting a few of these right?

One thing to note; I got my SUGAR MOLD at a vintage market, but you can find them on the internet.  Here is an affiliate link to a 6 hole SUGAR MOLD similar to mine that I feel is decently priced:


I figured the best way to make a stripe on the wood would be with painters tape and a paint pen.

After gathering some inspiration from a photo, I decided what type of grain sack stripe I would make.

After the first stripe was painted, honestly, I was a little worried. It just didn’t look right. I was so afraid I had messed up my new vintage piece.


I kept painting the grain sack stripes on the sugar mold and told myself it would look good.

vintage sugar mold with grain sack stripes

And it was!

After I painted the stripes, I lightly sanded the SUGAR MOLD. I sanded it so the new striped wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The mold was obviously a little old, and the stripes were bright and new. Here it is after I sanded it lightly.

Vintage sugar mold with grain sack stripes

My next step was to decorate! I figured I could decorate with some existing greenery I already had around the house.


I hot glued the greenery inside the pom poms instead of using styrofoam (I didn’t have any and I’m cheap).

To recap; here is a short list of the materials:

  • sugar mold
  • paint pen
  • hot glue gun
  • greenery of your choice
  • greenery styrofoam (or pom poms, lol)
  • painters tape

A few final pictures in a gallery:

To see more pictures and a post about the DIY vintage Bakery Sign you see pictured above click HERE. 

The great thing about these sugar molds as centerpieces is that you can change up the greenery depending on the season.

As you can see I’ve placed two pumpkins in two of the holes for Halloween!

I hope this has given you a few ideas of how to DECORATE VINTAGE STYLE WITH A SUGAR MOLD.

Even though I worried this piece wouldn’t be “table” worthy, I think it turned out OK. Sometimes the ugliest ducks turn out to be beautiful swans!


To see more vintage crafts like this one click HERE. 

Disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link. This means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase an item from this link, but in no way does it mean will you pay more

41 thoughts on “How to Decorate Vintage Style with a Sugar Mold and Grain Sack Stripes

  1. I love this tutorial! It looks so beautiful. Great mix of old and new, and it looks amazing as a centerpiece on your table. 🙂

  2. I love how your sugar mold came out! I am like you in that I always second guess myself halfway through a project but lot of time end up being pleased with the end result.

  3. Wow, Love the result. I really like the simple stripes, it definitely makes the old, new again. Great to be co-hosting with you. #HomeMattersParty

  4. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk! XOXO I had something like this pinned on my home decor board, and I think you just inspired me to follow through! I love it!

  5. This makes a really attractive centerpiece! I’ve never seen sugar molds before. What a great find. I think the stripes added just the right touch to dress up the piece.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  6. What a transformation! I’ve never seen a sugar mold before…now I want to go hunting for one! Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

    1. most of the sugar molds you see today are replicas, but the old ones were exactly what you would think; a mold that you pour cane sugar in to make sugar with! Hope this answers your question. Have a great day.

  7. I am not sure I would have known this was a sugar mold but I know I would have picked it up. I absolutely love the striping you added. Featuring when my party opens up tonight. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Very nice. I have this, but instead of painting a stripe. I use a ribbon so Imcan change it out for the seasons and holidays.

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