How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

When I was creating ideas for my kids homework station, I wanted to add a few fun elements. After I decided on the actual desk, (which is the SVALNÄS DESK FROM IKEA) I thought it would be neat to add an indoor awning to the homework space. What kid doesn’t want a space with it’s own little “roof” on it? Ok, I’ll admit, mommy thinks it’s pretty cool too. Let me share with you how I created a an indoor awning from a piece of repurposed roofing tin.How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

This idea came from my need to declutter our garage. I had these old piece of tin lying around and I could tell hubby was a little annoyed. Can any of my other crafting friends relate? How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

It isn’t the prettiest or shiniest piece of tin, but you know I like it that way! A little rust just adds value. 🙂

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First on the list to create an indoor awning or overhang was to figure out how to attach the hardware to the tin.

  1. Folding Butt Hinge 
  2. Lid Support Hinge 

The best way to attach anything to a tin surface is probably by welding, but since I don’t have the ability to do that, I figured I could grab a piece of scrap wood and use that.

how to create an indoor awning with repurposed tin

I had a piece of scrap wood that I cut into three pieces large enough to attach the hardware to. I screwed the wood pieces to the piece of tin.

One thing I did to create a more “visual appealing” project was to spray paint the wood the same color that I spray painted the inside of the tin. 

This is my favorite gold spray paint. 

Now it was time to screw the hardware to the wood.

Now comes the fun part to creating my indoor awning; adding the repurposed tin to the wall!

In my normal fashion, I’ve created a video detailing how I created an indoor awning our of repurposed tin. Even though it is very simple and straight forward, it’s always nice to watch a video on the process!

How to Make an Indoor Awning with Repurposed Roofing Tin

What do y’all think?

I love the fun vibe this repurposed indoor awning creates to my kids homework station.

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The great thing about this tutorial is that you can use it for so many different projects. You can even use the same method to create Bahama Shutters.

Want to see more of this space and all the details on how to create your own kids homework station? Come on over and take a peek. 

How would you use this piece of repurposed tin?


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