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What’s Up With Furniture Wax and Why Do You Use It?

Ever wondered why you use wax after you’ve painted furniture? I’ve explained it all in this post about what’s up with furniture wax and why you use it.

Painting furniture has become a household name.  From Chalk paint to milk paint to furniture wax, most crafters (even non crafters) have tried it!  Maybe you are new to the painting furniture game and want to know what all the hype is about! You landed in the right place because I’m going to share all about furniture wax and why you use it.

furniture wax; why and how do you use it?

What is furniture wax?

Furniture wax has been around forever and isn’t new to the furniture finishing game.

It happens to be the furniture finish of choice for most chalk paint and milk paints.

Why you ask?

Chalk paint and milk paint are very porous and need a good top coat. Unlike Polyurethane, wax won’t yellow or crack over time.

It also leaves a soft matte finish that most furniture painters prefer.

Also, wax penetrates the porous surface and seals the paint very well.

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What are the different types of wax?

top three different types of furniture wax

  • Dark wax- Dark wax is used to “highlight” curves and crevices of a furniture piece.  It’s a great way to antique furniture or make it look aged. You can also use dark wax to make the furniture piece overall darker. 

Tip: It’s always a good idea to put a layer of clear wax over the piece before using your dark wax. A little bit of dark wax goes a long way, and if you apply it before you use clear wax it can be difficult to remove.

You can see a list of dark waxes below:

minwax dark wax

Minwax Dark wax – 

chalk-tique dark wax

Chalk-Tique Dark wax- 

Annie Sloan Dark wax

Annie Sloan Dark wax- 

I used a dark wax below to darken the overall look of a milk painted coffee table.

milk painted coffee table with dark wax

You can also see where I used a little dark wax to create a weathered wood look to a smooth surface.

creating the weathered wood look with dark wax
  • Clear wax- This is probably the most commonly used wax for those who want to seal their furniture piece and not alter the color.
clear wax

You can see a list of clear waxes below:

Brimwax clear wax

Briwax clear wax- 

Americana Decor clear wax

DecoArt clear wax- 

Annie Sloan Clear wax

Annie Sloan clear wax – 

  • Lime wax or white wax-  Liming wax, or white wax, can be used to lighten the overall appearance of a piece of furniture or highlight the wood grain.  Lime wax is also used sometimes to give a piece of furniture a whitewash finish.
lime wax

You can see an example of how I lime waxed an old coffee table.

Brimwax liming wax

Briwax liming wax- 

Amy Howard liming wax

Amy Howard Lime Wax- 

How is furniture wax applied?

Wax is usually applied with a soft lint free cloth or a round brush.

The round brush is really good at making sure the wax gets in all the small areas of the wood and really penetrates it.

After you’ve applied the wax and it’s dried, it can then be buffed with a cloth so it has a smooth finish.

Just like waxing a car and buffing it dry!

Then you are left with a great smooth finish!

furniture wax and why do you use it

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