Vintage Casket Carrier Repurposed to a Dining Room Table

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My husband thinks I’m crazy with my repurposing ideas….and this little project is proof that I might just be (kidding, sort of). It all started a few years after my mom purchased a dining room table that she decided wasn’t her style anymore. She bought this lovely dining table at a very expensive furniture store in town and later realized what the base of it used to be. Since you’ve read the title of this post you know what I’m referring to; a vintage casket carrier that I’ve repurposed as a dining room table base.

vintage casket carrier 2

When my mom purchased this vintage Iron casket carrier, it came with a large piece of glass on top.

It looked ok, but I knew when I got my hands on it I knew I would add a piece of wood to the top, not glass.

This antique casket carrier is rusty, industrial, vintage and HEAVY! It’s 100% iron and I love it.

Here is what it looked it;

Vintage Casekt Carrier 3
Vintage Casket Carrier
Vintag Casket Carrier

How fitting is it that I’ve added this table base to my dining room right in time for Halloween! Haha. My husband still can’t get used to the idea that this used to be a casket carrier, but I don’t see it that way. I guess that’s the antique and vintage lover in me. I see a solid piece of furniture with history and a story (maybe some stories I don’t want to know). But honestly, doesn’t that make life a little more interesting?

Back to the story of how I repurposed this vintage casket carrier into a dining room table.

Vintage Casket Carrier table top

I had a local wood shop make a wood top and leave it unfinished so I could finish it how I wanted. I started by using a darker stain and finishing it with a “white wash” finish. 

It was pretty, but I felt like it blended too well with the rest of the room. So I decided to turn the piece of wood over and create a new finish. This way I could have a “reversible table top.”

I decided that since this side was darker with lighter white wash, that I wanted the other side of the table top to be more of a barn wood look.

I used a “weathered” stain on the wood and left the knots in the wood exposed (or I didn’t do anything to cover them up).

After I finished the wood table top, I needed to decide how to attach the wood top to the casket carrier base. Honestly, I still haven’t finished this part. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I will drill a large screw or maybe a bolt from the wood top down through the holes on the base. Here is another picture of the holes in the casket carrier base.

Vintage Casket Carrier

I’m all ears if anyone has another idea. I guess I’m a little nervous to drill through the top of the table, because once it’s done, there is no turning back.

So for now, I’ve styled my repurposed dining room table and taken pictures, but we have yet to use it until I figure out how to attach the top to the base.

vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table
vintage casket carrier repurposed to a dining room table

What do y’all think? The more I look at it, the more I think it might be better suited as an outdoor table with metal chairs. My husband agrees with the outdoor table, but I’m not sure if it’s because he is still spooked by the idea of the casket carrier base (LOL). You know me, I’m always changing things around.

Would you be spooked by the idea of eating on a vintage casket carrier table base? Or does it make the table a little more interesting?

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Vintage Casket carrier turned table


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47 thoughts on “Vintage Casket Carrier Repurposed to a Dining Room Table

  1. Such a neat piece! Wish my mom would find me such goodies!! Love how you added the wood top. Couldn’t even imagine the kid fingerprints on a glass top, lol. Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Sunday party.

  2. Very unusual piece Lindsey … LOVE it. Could you attach or weld a flange (a projecting flat rim, collar) with three or four holes for screws, to the top of the posts? Then you could screw the top down from the underneath side. Good luck … interesting table.

  3. When I first read the title, I was immediately like whaaat?! So I get what your hubby means. Bit I honestly think That is the most unique table I’ve ever seen! I love it. How cool!!!!!

  4. I think that it looks great. Eating off of this table would be a pleasure. You have done a wonderful job. Would hate to see you drill into the wood so hope you can come up with a way to make it more stable. Keep us posted on your ideas.


  5. HAHA! I’m not a superstitious person so I would think it should be fine anywhere you think it looks best. My last post was about re-doing a stinky dresser that I got from a foreclosed house. My neighbors joked they thought the place could have been haunted and a dead body may have been in it…..hence the stink!!! That didn’t seem to stop me… HAHA. Yes, lets eat off the casket carrier in the dining room….for sure!!! I’m in:) It’s really cool looking and so unique and different! I love different stuff like this! Found your post through the amaze me monday party! I am pinning this one:)

  6. Wow!! This is what I call thinking outside the box. What a great idea for a table. It is so unique and I doubt you will know anyone with the same dining table. I hope you don’t have to drill through the top in order to fasten it.

  7. What an awesome project! I think it looks fantastic as a table. Who cares what it was used for originally. That’s what you call a ‘conversation piece’ ???? Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  8. That’s creepy, but soooooo incredibly cool. I wish I was a fly on the wall when people come for dinner Lindsey. I can just imagine the reactions and conversations. LOL, seriously cool

  9. Lindsey your timing was perfect for Halloween. I think it is a very interesting piece and certainly a conversation starter. But I think it is not for everyone. My husband would have a fit if I did something like that. Respect for thinking outside the box.

  10. I simply adore the table Lindsey, super cool and uniquely chic, off the rocker just enough for a quirky statement piece that creates a perfect focal point for the room, I’m defineatly going to find a way to share this one in a round up next month! thanks for sharing your project at #fridaysfurniturefix!

  11. I Love it and would leave it right there. You could drill holes for long screws that would fit down into the casket carrier. Would flange them out on both sides so that the screw head sits flush. That way you can change the top to what ever side suits your fancy.

  12. You are indeed very creative, you see and object, and your mind will think of “what else can I do with i t”! Often times I ask myself that question, however Icould not bring myself to use that “carrier” anywhere in my house!! You are so much daring than what I am!! Good for you!

  13. That is a super interesting base….love the accordion element! I do see, though, how it might leave some a little uncomfortable at dinner πŸ˜›

  14. This vintage table is gorgeous. I really loved the outlook of it. Makes the dinning room looks gorgeous. It is simple and elegant and have the perfect expensive look. Very nice design. Thanks a lot.

  15. It’s really unique that’s for sure! So creative. My husband would definitely not like it though. I would make it an outside table.

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