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Versatile Fall Window Box Decor with Faux Flowers from The Dollar Tree

Learn how to create fall window box decor with faux flowers and stems from the Dollar Tree and a few ferns from Hobby Lobby.

As the holiday seasons are quickly on their way, I wanted to add a little color to our window boxes. If you remember, a few years ago I took down the old “bahama shutters” and repurposed them into regular shutters and added these cute window boxes under our front windows.

These window boxes still look great! One thing I haven’t been great about is keeping flowers in them. What can I say other than I don’t have a green thumb. Below is what the flower boxes looked like shortly after I installed them.

planter boxes and shutters

Since fall is here, I decided to create a fall window box theme. This time around, I wanted to see what faux flowers looked like vs. the real flowers I previously used.

Faux Flowers from the Dollar Tree for fall window box decor

You know I’m all about The Dollar Tree. You can see the many projects I’ve done with supplies from the dollar stores here.

One thing I’ve never really purchased at the Dollar Tree are florals. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t had a need to. Today was the day I decided to change that.

I was hoping to find a lot of great options for faux flowers and stems at the Dollar Tree, but today their stock seemed very low. I think it’s because they were getting the florals ready for their Christmas stock.

That’s ok because I still came out with plenty of pretty fall stems and fall colored flowers.

faux flowers from the Dollar Tree

I picked up a variety of flowers and stems making sure they were in the hues of orange and reds. I wanted some muted brown tones too.

One key element in making a versatile window box (meaning using decor that can be interchangeable for each season) is having a greenery base that works with the different seasons. Boxwood is a great choice for that! I almost purchased some boxwood until I landed upon this fern spray.

I purchased this faux greenery at Hobby Lobby. I felt like it would work with all the fall and winter season decor and leaves/flowers.

For the life of me I couldn’t find the name of it. I’m assuming it’s the Springerii Fern Hanging Bush. If you know for sure let me know in the comments.

One thing I liked about ferns are how well they blend and accent other types of greenery from the fall season through winter. I’m not sure I will use it come spring, but at least half a year it will look appropriate!

Before I began adding the faux greenery, I cut a large block of floral foam in half lengthwise and placed it inside of the window boxes. That made it super easy to place the greenery and floral stems in the box.

greenery in the window box

I’m hoping to keep this greenery until after winter. My plan is to change up the flowers and simple decor inside of it like change out the orange and yellow flowers for red ones after Thanksgiving!

I also picked up a few packages of these pumpkins to stick in the boxes for Halloween!

Faux pumpkins from the Dollar Tree

Once the base greenery was in, I intermixed the flowers so they looked balance. The last thing I added were these cute pumpkins.

Fall window box ideas with faux flowers and stems from the Dollar Tree

simple fall faux flowers in window box

I love how much color it adds to the front of our Rustic Beach Cottage!

faux fall flowers in window box
faux flowers in window box
Fall Window Box with Stems from The Dollar Tree

Don’t mind the mess of the rest of our yard…that’s currently in the works now.

Fall Window Box with Stems from The Dollar Tree

Cost Breakdown:

  • Assortment of Floral stems and faux pumpkins from the Dollar Tree – $45
  • 1 Large Floral Foam from Hobby Lobby – $14.99
  • Fern Stems from Hobby Lobby – $44.97 with 6 at $7.50 each

Total: About $115

If you enjoyed this post you might also be interested in my post about creating a Winter Window box decor for Christmas!

faux flowers for winter window boxes

I hope I’ve given you a good idea how to decorate a fall window box with affordable faux floral ideas!

Happy Fall Y’all!


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  1. zulfiqar ali says:

    looks amazing.
    respect from pakistan

  2. You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Transepita says:

    Wow! the simple window looks so fantastic with dollar tree & faux flowers. Actually I liked that idea & will apply in future.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderfull blog.