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How to Display Christmas Cards with these DIY Holiday Card Holders

What do you do with all those Christmas cards? Do you display them on the refrigerator? Do you stack them on the coffee table? It’s October and I’m already planning for Christmas card season! How early do you start planning your Christmas cards? More importantly, how do you display Christmas cards? Today I’m sharing a handful of easy DIY holiday card holders.

The first idea is a quick and easy up cycled picture frame I transformed into a Christmas card holder.

Don’t throw away those old picture frames because with a little string you can create a lovely DIY Christmas card holder.

Make Your Own Christmas Holiday Card Holder with a Frame

Let me share another up cycled picture frame except this one is a little more modern! I love how Sustain My Craft Habit uses bright colors to create this DIY Christmas card holder.

DIY Christmas card holder

Speaking of up cycling something to display Christmas cards, check out what Kim did from Salvaged Living with an old baby bed spring.

up cycled Christmas card holder

With a handful of cute clothes pins you could create a lovely Christmas card display on this old spring.

This next Christmas card holder is a fun one! Do you have an old cabinet lying around your garage or know someone who is going to demo their kitchen? Save those cabinets because DIY Danielle has some cool ideas on what to do with them.

Check out how she transformed a cabinet frame into a Christmas card holder!

Christmas card holder from an upcycled cabinet

This next idea from The Zhush is one of the simplest ways to display your Christmas cards!

All you need is a little garland and some cute clothes pins and you can create your own DIY Christmas card display.

Christmas card display on garland

This next card display is something even your kids could create! Lovely Etc. shares how to create a quick and easy Christmas card display with just string and tape!

If you want to create something a little more elaborate with string, let me show you what My Poppet created!

This lovely string art Christmas tree will wow anyone that comes to your home! Look how pretty it is!

This next project requires a little more time, but it’s still simple enough for a beginner DIYer.

Check out what a Houseful of Handmade created with this DIY wood Christmas card display.

DIY wood Christmas card display

She even includes simple drawings with all the details on how to cut the wood to create this lovely card display.

display Christmas cards

I hope this list will inspire you with some simple ideas on how to create a holiday card holder.

DIY Christmas Card Displays

Easy DIY Christmas card display ideas that you will want to remember this holiday season. Displaying Christmas cards has never been easier with some of these ideas.

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