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Hanging Indoor Curtains Outside without Drilling Holes

I know you’re thinking, “why would I hang indoor curtains outdoors?” How do you hang curtains without drilling holes? There is a method behind my madness I promise. When we completed our cottage style back porch makeover I didn’t think to add curtains. The more time I spent on the porch, the more I realized that a few curtains would add a little “coziness” to the space. Let me show you how I’ve hung indoor curtains outside without drilling holes.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

We are enjoying our new outdoor space so much. The addition to the porch was exactly what we needed to be able to add our table and chairs and eat outside.

I felt like the space was perfect, except one little piece. I knew that adding curtains to our porch would be the icing on the cake and really complete this space.

Curtains can really frame a space and make it complete. You can see where I added corner curtains to our master bedroom. I feel like it really added character to the space.

how to hang corner curtains

Obviously since I’ve only added a few panels, these curtains aren’t for shade, wind or rain protection. They are simply for style.

Because of this, I didn’t feel the need to purchase “outdoor curtains.”

Well, let me backtrack. They do provide a little bit of privacy and rain protection on both corners of the porch where we get the most water from rain.

Don’t get me wrong, outdoor curtains would have worked beautifully here. Since I’m mainly using them for looks, I didn’t want to spend the extra money (most of the time you will pay more for outdoor than indoor curtains).

The key with using indoor curtains outside is to make sure they are washable!

Also, our porch is heavily shaded. Because of this, I don’t really need to worry about the curtains fading too much.

If your outdoor area gets a lot of sun, it’s probably a good idea to invest in outdoor fabric curtains due to being fade resistant.

Bottom line; I paid $15 for four panels of grommeted curtains. If for some reason they fly away (LOL), it won’t be that big a deal.

How to hang curtains outside without drilling holes

Because I needed to “fit” a curtain rod in between two ceiling boards, I thought it would be easiest to slide a tension rod in between them.

This way, when I get tired of the curtains or we choose to screen the porch in (hmmm), I won’t have any major holes to cover up!

Below is the tension rod I used from Walmart.

Hindsight I would have use a more heavy duty tension rod. I might still go back and replace these with a larger ones.

tension rod

Like I said earlier I purchased four panels of indoor polyester curtains from Tuesday Morning. I made sure they were washable!

ironing the curtains

I also made sure to iron them! This is a must.

You can see a little more detail where I positioned the curtains and the tension rod in between the wooden beams.

hanging outdoor curtains

You can also see where they sag just a bit. I think this is where a heavier duty tension rod would have worked better.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

They are functional to block out a good bit of light and rain on the corners, but I thought they would look better pulled back.

I installed these pull backs.

hold back

Ta Dah!

Indoor curtains hung outside without drilling any holes

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes
Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

I think the navy blue curtains pull all the cottage style decor together, don’t you?

We still LOVE this porch swing. Remember what it used to look like? If you don’t, make sure to check out my porch swing makeover where I tied sisal rope around the chain.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes
Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes
Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

We moved the dining table back against the wall since our last finished porch makeover. This way it makes the porch look bigger.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

I love the mix of blues and whites with a few natural woven materials.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

You can get a full look of the tension rod here. My thought with buying this particular rod is that it was skinny and white so it would blend with the white ceiling. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the ceiling.

Hanging indoor curtains outside and without drilling holes

Love this little porch! You can see all the sources below.

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hanging indoor curtains outside without drilling holes

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  1. great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi. I used mosquito netting from ikea
    $5.99 for a two pack with thick tension rods. It does give a privacy feeling.
    Loving it.

  3. Good day. Thank you very much for the idea and just in time))) I was looking for information on how to hang curtains on the porch of the house without any problems there)))

  4. Bonnie says:

    Did you still have to drill holes when you installed the tie backs?

  5. Cindy says:

    Sheets work great too for outside curtains. I bought the individual flat sheets from Walmart and hung them with the pinch type rings.

  6. great idea! I plan on doing that soon!

  7. Lynnie says:

    Try using a shower curtain tension rod!