DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

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Who loves to look at topiary trees? Who doesn’t love to pay the high price for them? ME! Some of my favorite bloggers use these topiaries around their home and I just loved the warmth they bring! It looks like a great way to bring the outdoors in, even if they are fake.  Could I make some of my own? Well guess what, you’re in for an easy budget friendly project friends.  I can’t wait to share the easiest way to create DIY Topiary Trees with boxwood sprays.

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

As a child I can remember spending countless hours in the craft store with my mom. For me, it was grueling. I used to think “why does she want to look at flowers and paint all the time?  Why would she want to spend her time here and not at the mall looking for clothes?”

What goes around comes around right? Now look at me. I care nothing about clothes and could spend countless hours at hobby lobby or Michaels.  Wonder if my daughter will think the same? 🙂

Enough of my walk down memory lane….

When I first thought of making these topiary trees I figured I would buy a floral foam ball and glue some sort of faux greenery to it and then attach it to a wooden dowel. That’s what I’ve seen most other crafters do at least. I knew there had to be an easier way to make topiary trees.

That’s when I got the brilliant idea to clump five boxwood sprays together and create the “topiary tree” look.

Below are the materials I used to create my own DIY topiary trees with boxwood sprays.


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I’ve created a few “step by step” pictures of the process to make my topiary below. If you are a visual person like myself, you might enjoy my YouTube video more.

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays for Farmhouse Style Decor

Tell me, do y’all like these videos? Is it worth my time to continue doing them? I would love your feedback, just drop me a comment below.

Ok, on with more of the step by step procedure pics. Below are my supplies.
DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

This is what it looked like below when I “clumped” the boxwood sprays together. DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

Below is what the boxwood sprays looked like when I pushed them down into the floral foam. I used a rubber band at the bottom to keep them together.DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

I decided to add a little yarn to the top of the boxwood to make sure individual sprays held together. DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

The next step is to add the floral moss and that’s it!

I love how a few simple DIY Topiary trees add lots of greenery and warmth around the house.

What is it about a boxwood wreath or garland that gives a home that farmhouse vibe? I don’t know but I sure do love it!

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood SpraysDIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood Sprays

I think I enjoy my topiaries the best on my spring inspired mantel.

DIY Topiary Trees with Boxwood sprays

What is your favorite faux greenery or plant to decorate with?

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DIY Topiary Tree with Boxwood Sprays

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  1. Hi Lindsey I tried to leave a comment but I think I accidentally deleted! I wanted to let you know I have featured this post over on my blog tonight in my highlights post from the Spring and Easter Joys link party. I am so glad you came over and linked up! Happy Spring!

  2. You must have patience of a saint! I love plants and the oxygen in the home kinda of thing is what I’m for, but I don’t do the flower scene because I’m allergic to bees! 🙁 I can say though I’m into one particular plant which is the Jade plant and I love Maple trees to watch their leaves to red in the fall, and red burning bushes. Thanks for sharing your pride & joy too! hugs

  3. These Topiary Trees are so perfect for people that travel a lot. I’m constantly losing plants because of trips 🙁 Now you brought a really easy solution! #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Loved this simple project because I love topiaries! You’ll be one of my features tomorrow from the Spring and Easter Joys link party; thanks for linking up!

  5. These look fab will definitely be trying this for our home great tutorial Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  6. Your idea to make topiary trees with boxwood sprays is fantastic. I love boxwood projects and I’m going to give this one a try too. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle and look for your feature at my blog tomorrow.

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