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Budget Kitchen Renovation; Adding Kitchen Cabinet Pull Outs

See a review of two Kitchen cabinet pull outs. These two metal pull out two tiered cabinets have helped organize my kitchen.

Welcome to my series of budget kitchen renovation posts! This is the second post in this series. I just completed the “replacing drawer slides” post where I painted the pine drawers and removed all the old drawer slides and replaced them with new ball bearing glides. What a difference it made!

kitchen cabinet pull outs

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Today I’m discussing adding pull out metal cabinets to the old pine wood kitchen cabinets. I will admit, most pull out metal cabinets aren’t the cheapest, but they are so functional! Not a fan of the metal slide outs? You can also add drawers to kitchen cabinets that are made from wood.

I even found a great blind corner cabinet pull out for the wasted space in our corner cabinet.

Let me show you what one of the cabinets looked like in our kitchen before adding the metal basket pull outs.

old kitchen cabinet

I’m embarrassed to share this picture with you because these cabinets look so awful. Believe it or not I had just cleaned the wood not long before. Since the wood is old, no matter how much cleaning I do, it never looks great.

The first thing I did was remove the top shelf to make room for the pull out shelves.

Next I painted the entire cabinet with two coats of Kilz Premium Primer. I then applied a coat of Valspar cabinet and furniture paint to the surface to make sure it would last.

Once the paint was dry, It was time to install the pull outs!

For the pull out shelves, I’m using two different highly rated brands from Amazon. The first one was from Rev-A-Shelf and the corner cabinet pull out was from a company called Vevor.

Both of these products came highly rated.

Kitchen Cabinet Pull Outs

  • Rev-A-Shelf 12 x 22 Inch 2-Tier Wire Basket Pull Out Shelf Storage
  • Vevor Pull Out Blind Corner Cabinet, 15.7 Inch Opening

Rev-A-Shelf 2-tier wire basket pull out storage review


Easy installation

Strong sturdy material

Glides easily


No handle to pull shelves out with

Wire construction allows for things to fall through

Rev-A-Shelf review video

Rev-A-Shelf pull out wire cabinet

This shelf is so easy to measure for and install. It’s been a great addition to this space!

Side note; this shelf was meant to be screwed into each side of the cabinet. As you can see one side of the cabinet is open so I was unable to do that. I felt like that was ok because it is screwed into the wood floor of the cabinet and the back of the cabinet. It is still very sturdy and won’t move or shake when it’s sliding open and closed.

Vevor pull out blind corner cabinet review


Easy Installation

Strong, heavy material

Comes with two handles


Wire construction allows for things to fall through

Measuring for the unit placement can be tricky

Pull out blind corner cabinet review video

We love this new blind corner pull out cabinet. It makes so much sense for this space!

That being said, I’m considering moving the Rev-A-Shelf two tiered cabinet to another area because I miscalculated how much space I would need for this shelf.

One thing to note when measuring for the corner pull out cabinet

One thing I didn’t take into account when measuring was how more much clearance I would need when you pull the shelf out due to the fact that the cabinet door doesn’t open all the way (hello other corner cabinet hardware). BEWARE OF THIS when you are measuring your space. Check out the image below for a visual.

blind corner cabinet pull out

Corner cabinet with metal cabinet pull outs

corner cabinet with metal cabinet pull outs

Before I installed these pull out cabinets I had to break my back to reach in and get something. Also, I can’t tell you how many times the dang tupperware would fall into the cabinet.

kitchen cabinet organization with metal pull outs
kitchen cabinet pull outs

Onto the other shelves! Stay tuned for more budget kitchen updates!


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