DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving

What do you think our grandparents would say if they knew we went shopping for bathroom shelves in the plumbing section of a hardware store?  I can see my grandfather shaking his head in confusion now.  Isn’t it funny to think that we can create something functional like shelves from materials that are supposed to be used for plumbing….And make it look good?  And so here we go, my simple and quick tutorial on DIY INDUSTRIAL PIPE SHELVING.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving

 As I was scrolling through images on Pinterest of OPEN BATHROOM SHELVING, I immediately stopped on this one;IMG_8549

Yep, I had found my inspiration: OPEN INDUSTRIAL PIPE SHELVING. This looked so easy! And of course the shiplap had me swooning……

So I headed to Lowe’s with nothing but a picture for inspiration and a desire to create!

This project only took minimal supplies:

  1. 1 by 12 4 ft pine board that I had Lowe’s cut into two 20″ long pieces. So my final board measurements were 20″ long, by 11.25″ wide (I wanted wider shelves to set more things on) by 1″ thick.
  2. 4 black steel flanges 1/2″
  3. 4 black steel caps 1/2″
  4. 4 black steel pipes 12″ by 1/2″
  5. 16 black screws to secure flanges to the wall

For those of you who don’t want to deal with gathering the plumbing supplies, I found a great kit from Amazon you can purchase here.

Now I was set, ready to go home and create some INDUSTRIAL SHELVES with PLUMBING MATERIAL.

NOTE: I used Annie Sloan dark wax to cover the pine board to give them a darker look. I really like the way dark wax looks on pine boards and it “seals” it so they look more finished.


First step is to measure where you want the shelves, make sure they are level, and screw the flanges into the wall.


Then thread the pipe into the flanges and then thread the caps on the pipe. So EASY!

After you have finished the pine board with wax, or stain or however you choose to finish them, lay the board on top of the pipe making sure it sits behind the “caps” so they won’t slide forward.

AND THAT’S all it takes to create these Industrial open pipe shelves.

Now style those pretty shelves and you’re ready to go!

I hope this EASY TUTORIAL ON OPEN PIPE SHELVING was useful to you.

I still marvel that we can create shelves by shopping in the plumbing section at a hardware store. 🙂



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