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See how you can create Modern Farmhouse Front door Decor with a light colored door, number decals, and a simple wreath.

I meant to change our modern farmhouse front door decor many months ago, but where does time go? Anyone else with me?  Since having kids, life has become quite busy. I used to think life would be so easy and simple if I were a stay at home mom. So much time to do whatever I wanted to do during the day, go places, get projects done. YEAH RIGHT! All that to say, sometimes it takes a while to get anything done around here, like creating a MODERN FARMHOUSE FRONT DOOR DECOR.


My front porch and front door decor was not in terrible condition, but not the modern farmhouse style I wanted.

Lets just say I wanted to put my own “touch” on it. I had seen all these cute pictures on Pinterest of front porches with “FARMHOUSE STYLE” wreaths and number decals. I had to have that same style!!

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Here are a few pictures from Pinterest that inspired my new Farmhouse style FRONT DOOR DECOR.

I love the simplicity of a pretty pale color, a simple DIY wreath and number decals. I think it makes it look so welcoming!

Modern farmhouse front door decor Style

  • Light and bright door colors
  • Number signs
  • Simple but pretty wreaths

I was going to try to replicate these ideas.

Here is a before pic:

the door BEFORE the modern farmhouse front door update

Like I said before, not bad, but a lot of brown (this was a theme of our builder grade home when we bought it).

I knew I wanted to repaint the front door and I love all the pictures I had seen on Pinterest of doors painted in the color blue.

So here I go painting….

Painting the door a soft blue for a more Modern Farmhouse Front Door style

painting the door blue for a modern farmhouse style

I started by painting the door blue, but it just didn’t match the home or the style I was going for with my new FRONT DOOR DECOR.

After a few more tries with a few other paint colors (gray, brown) I eventually settled on a mix of a grey and a brown. Yes, I mixed paint colors.  FYI if you ever do this, just make sure to save enough for touch ups, because you will never be able to mix the same color again.

Next I painted the columns. They were a darker tan, more like a brown, so I painted them a creme color to brighten it up.

Adding number decals for a modern farmhouse style front door

I ordered some decals from an etsy shop called “Leen the Graphics Queen” with our front door numbers. I love how “homey they make the front door look.”

Isn’t it funny how graphics and words make us think, “come on in and stay a while!”

Maybe that’s just me, but I feel like everything is more welcoming with signs. Either way, decor with words and signs is a huge farmhouse style trend.

Adding a simple DIY wreath

After applying the numbers and adding a simple DIY wreath, I’m super pleased with the front door now!


The wreath was a simple $4.99 grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby with a garland of flowers that I hot glued around the wreath. With a coupon for 50% off the garland, the total wreath cost was $15.

Doesn’t this door just say, “Welcome, glad you’re here!” LOL, I don’t know about that, but I’m pleased and I feel like I accomplished the look I was going for with my new farmhouse style FRONT DOOR DECOR.


What do you guys think about my new front door style?


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