Vintage Toolbox Planter Decor from the Target Dollar Spot

I am convinced that buying anything on a strict budget requires more creativity and “thriftiness” (I just made that word up!). This is more self satisfying anyway than being able to buy whatever looks good.  Have you guys noticed that Antique shops aren’t that cheap anymore?  Sometimes the best places to find a bargain are in every day shops like Target. Don’t ever discredit the Target dollar spot, where you can find great decor items like this craft box I turned into VINTAGE TOOLBOX PLANTER. You won’t believe what I paid for it.

Toolbox Planter Decor

I’ve seen these Vintage TOOLBOX planters used as decor pieces, and I just had to have one!

I’ve seen them used as table centerpieces, kitchen utensil holders, toolbox planters and more!

I looked around at a few home thrift shops and antique stores and Whew, they were a little pricey (maybe I’m cheap).  Like I said before, the Target dollar spot should never be discredited; especially when they carry items like this for only  $5!

Note: Since this post has been written Target has stopped carrying this item. I found a few similar items below.

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Wood Tool Box from Michael’s

Tool box from Target

Below is the “Toolbox planter” or craft box I purchased from Target.


Here she is before paint, very dull and boring. The trick to creating any craft or project is being able to see the potential, even when you don’t think you can see anything. This little project only took two steps. I had all the supplies on hand, which was great.

First step:

  • Paint the craft box white. Looking back on this project, this step was not necessary. At the time, I felt like I wanted to lighten up the “yellow” color a bit, but I think it would still look fine even if I didn’t paint it white.

Next step:

  • Distress with a little dark wax. I used the Annie Sloan dark wax, but any dark wax would work. I used a lint free cloth and applied the wax with a very thin layer all over the “antique toolbox.”  A tip when using dark wax to anything; a little bit goes a long way (i’ve learned the hard way).

It’s crazy how easy it is to “antique” an item with a little dark wax. I’ve used dark wax to antique so many other craft and home decor projects around the house.

You can see HERE where I transformed an old bench with a weathered wood look with only a little paint and dark wax.

How to give a Weathered Wood Finish to a Smooth Surface

If you’ve never used it, and you love the “weathered” look, I would suggest giving it a try. like I said, I used a lint free cloth and wiped the wax on, then waited about 2 hours for it to dry and then I was done!

Last step:

  • I added a little faux boxwood greenery and now I have a great “vintage” centerpiece. You can also use this to accent any modern farmhouse home decor! Best part of this project was that I spent less than $10 for all the supplies and it took about 20 minutes total to complete!

Way to go Target Dollar Spot.

Budget friendly vintage toolbox planter decor for the Win!

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DIY Toolbox planter from the target dollar spot

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25 thoughts on “Vintage Toolbox Planter Decor from the Target Dollar Spot

  1. Great job! It looks “old” and “aged”. The Dollar Spot is dangerous, isn’t it?! Visiting from Happy Now party.

  2. Oh, I definitely love the Target One Spot. As you said thrift stores and antique shops are not so thrifty anymore! Plus, with 3 kids in tow, those stores are nearly impossible to navigate without breaking something. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

    1. I can totally relate to that! Thrift and antique stores don’t like when they see me and my two kids (under 5) hopping through the door.

  3. I have a tool box I love to decorate for the season. In fact it’s posted for Fall now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh we don’t have target here in South Africa but just maybe I can find something similar at one of our stores. I tend to forget that antique and thrift shops aren’t the only places to shop. Your toolbox planter looks really lovely Lindsey

  5. I figure if I can get past the dollar bin at Target I’m doing good. However, I would not have been able to pass up this toolbox! I love the distressed look. You are so good at these projects and we’re always happy to see them at Celebrate Your Story. Have a great weekend!

  6. I noticed the post is from last year so we missed this cute little trug. Now that little trug/tool box would be $5, all the prices on those bin cuties has gone way up. Same as bins at Michaels, at least in Grand Junction,CO. Did it ever occur to these stores they’d sell much more if they left prices less instead of more? Kind of like for gas – when they raise gas prices not everybody can afford to buy more or as often. Thrift store prices in this area are as much as retail too much of time.
    Have great weekend.

    1. amen about the prices! And FYI, I did see the “toolbox” in the craft section for the same price, $5, not too long ago.

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