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Vintage Milk Can Makeover with a Copper Finish

I did a happy dance when I found this antique milk can at the thrift store a few months ago. I don’t normally find nice vintage goodies like this. Although this might be a replica vintage milk jug, I was still thrilled to find it. Don’t hate me friends, but I decided to change the farmhouse style of it to a more modern vibe with this milk can makeover with a copper finish.

Lately my decor style has veered away from the modern farmhouse vibe to a more eclectic blend of modern, boho and few farmhouse touches here and there.

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Don’t get me wrong, I loved the farmhouse style look of the vintage milk can, but I wanted to give it a more modern and sleek makeover. Let me show you what it originally looked like.

Milk Jug Makeover

milk jug before the makeover
vintage milk jug before the makeover

I really didn’t like the red color. I thought about painting it white, but like I said I wanted something a little more modern. Then I remembered I still had some hammered copper spray paint left from a previous project.

Before I was ready to paint, I wanted to remove the handles. I had an idea for adding a few “embellishments” but that would require removing those metal pieces.

removing the handles on the milk jug

I took the hammer to it first. It worked to detach one side of the handle.

removing milk jug handles
removing milk jug handles

Next I used a wrench to fully remove the handle off of the metal milk jug.

sanding the vintage milk can

Once the handles were removed, I made sure to use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth down the area where the handles used to be.

vintage milk can without the handles

Looking better! You might be thinking it looks worse, but it’s got to get worse before it get’s better right?


Grab the hot glue gun and a few small beads.

adding a few beads to the old milk jug

I covered the holes where the handles used to be with the beads.

the milk jug with the beads glued on

What do you think? I’m loving it so far.

Hammered Copper spray paint I will use for the milk jug makeover

It’s time to spray paint.

spray painting the vintage milk can

It’s been raining cats and dogs outside so I made my own makeshift painting box to shield some of the rain. It worked.

first coat of copper spray paint on the milk can

Here is the hammered copper spray paint. I love this stuff.

When I started this vintage milk can makeover, my first thought was to use it in our entryway as umbrella storage.

Remember our entryway with sharpie shiplap?

antique milk can makeover

Do you like it in this space?

vintage milk can makeover
vintage milk can makeover

I love the new modern twist on the antique milk can!

antique milk can makeover

The best part about this milk can decor- it’s functional too!

We are always looking for space to store umbrellas. We get a LOT of rain where I live.

Or do you think it looks better in our rustic beach cottage mudroom?

vintage milk can makeover
vintage milk can makeover
vintage milk jug makeover

I know not everyone will be a fan of me changing the style of the metal milk can. I do love the new copper vibe now!

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  1. Kristin says:

    What a creative and beautiful idea! I love it!! It’s so classy!

  2. GERT says:


  3. This is AMAZING! I love the added beads. And the hammered copper looks like it ws supposed to be this way.

    So gorgeous!