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Vintage Chic Bedroom Makeover (One Room Challenge Week 3)

Here we are in week three of the One Room Challenge and I’m starting to make some progress on my daughter’s vintage chic bedroom makeover.  Week one was the plan, week two was the wallpaper, and this week I’m refinishing my daughter’s vanity desk.

If you stumbled upon my corner of the internet world from the One Room Challenge site, I wanted to say Welcome! My name is Lindsey and I’m just a souther gal with a desire to create. My goal for Repurpose and Upcycle is easy DIY projects, furniture flips and budget friendly home decor tips. I’m glad you’re here!ORC GUEST

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The vanity that I’ll be “updating” has already seen a pretty big makeover when I decided to paint it a light shade of pink.  Since we’ve moved and my daughters bedroom will look a wee bit different than in our old house, I’ve decided to go in a  different direction with it.  And as far as direction, I mean changing the light pink to a more modern style with a splash of dark blue!

I’m hoping the splash of color on this vintage desk will help to tie in the wallpaper with the furniture! I also removed the old vintage style chair (it was too big) and purchased this smaller modern style chair. Vintage Chic Bedroom Makeover

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Here goes a little paint! I painted the entire desk with a coat of  white chalk paint. 

Now starts the fun part. I added a few dark blue “accents” to the desk with the same paint I used on my french farmhouse dresser makeover. 

Y’all see that cool  Handy Paint Pail? Let me share something really neat that has changed my painting game. 🙂

Why did I not know about this sooner! You can see more of their “handy” products HERE.

Ok back to business. After the desk was complete it was time to add a little “gold flair” to the base of the chair.
Vintage chic bedroom makeover ORC #3

If you are new around here, I use this gold spray paint on everything (paint is such a great tool to transform anything)!

Vintage chic bedroom makeover ORC #3

I also spray painted the “hair bow tray.”

Y’all ready to see the finished desk?

It’s slowly coming together!

Vintage Chic Bedroom Makevoer (ORC #3)

Vintage Chic Bedroom Makeover (ORC #3)

Vintage Chic Bedroom Makeover (ORC #3)

I know this vintage chic bedroom is looking very gender neutral right now, but I’ve got some fun accessories coming next week that will remedy that!

I had to share one last view with my new Handy Paint Pail!Vintage Chic Bedroom Makeover (ORC #3)

What’s next on the list for the One Room Challenge?

I’ve got a fun surprise that I’ll add to the room next week.  I’m also going to tackle those windows with a DIY Roman Shade or valence from a shower curtain. You won’t want to miss it so stay tuned!

Thanks for following along this crazy DIY journey.


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