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Sewing Two Curtain Panels Together with No Sew Tape

Sometimes solid curtains aren’t enough. Sometimes you want a little more color or pattern in a space and one solid curtain won’t do it. What if you can’t find the perfect mix of a solid color and a pattern together in one curtain? I think you know where this is going…You make your own curtains by sewing two curtains panels together! When I say “sew,” you know I really mean with no sew tape.

No sew projects are my jam. I have a deep dislike for the sewing machine. Nothing against sewing, I just prefer to grab some new sew tape and create a simple “hem” without pulling out the sewing machine, threading the bobbin, picking the right thread etc. etc. That being said, I am fully aware that using no sew tape for anything other than a straight hem is out of the question. For those projects I will call the professional (AKA my lovely seamstress or my mom).

Enough about my other no sew projects, I’ll get right to it.

I recently moved the curtains we had in our master bedroom to our dining room. Our master bedroom doesn’t get a lot of light and I wanted a lighter curtain to reflect more sun. Since I recently moved our bed to the side wall and added another set of curtains, this meant I needed four panels. I found the perfect color at our local Tuesday Morning.

corner window curtains

Here they are! Looks good right? LOL, NOPE!

Needless to say they were too small.

corner window curtains that are too small

Now what?

I needed two more panels but since I purchased the only set of these particular curtains I knew that they didn’t have any more. That’s when I got creative. Could I buy a different pattern and use them together? Sure!

Can you attach two grommet curtain panels together?

Sure! In order for this to look right, though, you need to find panels that are the same size and have the same size grommets. They don’t have to be the same color or style, just the same size so when you hang them they hang evenly.

I was able to find a few more sets of panels that were of the same color family but had a fun pattern!

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Before you begin you will need just a few supplies:

Note; you can also use the no sew fabric fuse that requires an iron to activate the bond. I’ve used this before, but honestly I prefer to use the double sided fabric tape. I’ve shared more thoughts about no sew products in my beginner’s guide to no sew projects.

How to join two curtain panels without sewing

  1. Lay the curtain panels side by side and decide which panel you want to be on top.
  2. Cut the no sew tape to fit the length of the curtain panel.
  3. Remove one side of the backing on the no sew tape.
  4. On the panel that will be on the bottom, run the no sew tape down the seam with sticky side down.
  5. Apply pressure to make sure the tape adheres to the fabric.
  6. Remove the other side of the backing on the no sew tape.
  7. Place the other curtain panel directly on top of the bottom panel and apply pressure to the seam.

That’s it! Now you’ve joined two curtain panels together without sewing!

attaching two curtain panels with no sew tape

You see how easy it is to “sew your own hem” with a little fabric tape?

two curtain panels attached with fabric tape

I think they look pretty good!

corner window curtain panels

Here’s a better view of the curtain panels hung up. I think they look like they were purchased that way! What do you think?

curtain panels joined with no sew tape

I could have hung the two curtain panels without joining them. Like I said earlier, at night we close these panels so I wanted to make sure they were attached. This was the easiest solution to make that happen! Not to mention that I think they look great this way. They look like one seamless curtain now.

curtain panels for a corner window
two curtain panels attached without sewing

I love the pattern on my new curtains!

This goes to show that messing up a project can really motivate your creative process! I love how these corner curtains turned out and I wouldn’t have thought to join these panels together unless I messed up to begin with.

sewing two curtain panels together with no sew tape

I hope I’ve motivated you to think outside the box and create something out of nothing.

Thanks for following along friends.


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