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Rustic Christmas Countdown Clock with an Up Cycled Tree Charger

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.” Can you hear the music? Christmas is a season of family, fun, food and Jesus. It’s also the season of lots of anticipation (especially if you have kids). My kids start asking “how long until Christmas” when school starts in the fall. When December rolls around they are asking me EVERY DAY—- “when is Christmas, how many more days.” This year I’m getting ahead of the game by creating my own DIY Christmas countdown clock with an up cycled tree charger.

Rustic Christmas Countdown Clock with an Up Cycled Tree Charger

Four years ago my dad was cutting down a rather large Pine tree in his yard. I asked him to cut me a few slices from it. I used these “chargers” for a table scape but haven’t used them since.

This was from my kid friendly rustic Christmas table scape a few years ago.

rustic Christmas table setting

I’ve held on to these real wood chargers for over 3 years. I almost got rid of them. GASP, I know, what was I thinking. I knew I would use them for something.

This Christmas season I’m going to create a fun DIY with this up cycled tree charger.

Let me be clear, you don’t have to have a real tree charger (or even a tree slice) to complete this. You can always purchase tree chargers like I’ve found HERE.

If you don’t want to use a tree charger you can use poster board, wood board, scrap wood or anything!

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Materials needed to make a rustic Christmas Countdown Clock

  • Tree Charger, wood board, poster board
  • Paint – I used a white acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Number stickers – I found advent Christmas stickers at Hobby Lobby
  • Alphabet stickers – also came from Hobby Lobby
  • Colored construction paper
  • Push pins
  • Small Christmas ornament or figurine (optional)

Once you’ve gathered materials it’s time to create this holiday countdown clock.

I really think the hardest part about this DIY is deciding what materials to use. Once you have the materials, all it takes is a little peel and stick!

My kids are visual, aren’t most? They love that they can see how many days are left until Christmas. Or should I say until Santa comes:)

This would be a great family holiday tradition. Since it only requires cutting and pasting elements onto wood or a board this would be a fun way to create a new Christmas countdown clock every year.

adding numbers to Christmas countdown clock

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition to create with your family? Maybe an easy craft or a yummy food?

decorating Christmas countdown clock
decorating Christmas countdown clock

I love how simple this was to make! My daughter actually got mad because she wanted to create it all by herself (her four year old self).

You know what, she could create one all by herself! We might just have to create another one.

Let me show you how I styled it on my new (new to this year at least) tone on tone living room wall.

DIY Christmas Countdown Clock
DIY Christmas Countdown Clock
DIY Christmas Countdown Clock
DIY Christmas Countdown Clock

I know tobacco baskets might not be the most popular thing anymore, but I love how they add a bit of rustic farmhouse style to anything.

Are you planning on creating your own countdown advent clock? They are so easy and add a great holiday flair to any style Christmas decor.

Christmas countdown clock

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Happy Christmas countdown friends!


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  1. Meegan says:

    What a creative and fun way to count down to Christmas, Lindsay!
    I really like how you used the charger as a base. So smart!

  2. I bet your kids are going going to have so much fun with this!

  3. Thank you Cheryl! My kids love it!

  4. Cheryl Atkinson says:

    Hi Lindsey! First time on your blog and i think this is such a cute thing for kids. Little ones just love Christmas and i love your tobacco basket.

  5. This is so cute! Love it as an alternative to a calendar!

  6. Cynthia says:

    It’s cute.

  7. Christine says:

    Such a fun Christmas countdown!!! Beautiful!!

  8. Jenny says:

    I love my kids and Christmas time, but how many days until Christmas gets so overwhelming sometimes. This clock came out so cute. Great idea to use the wood slice and stars are my favorite for Christmas decor.

  9. Thanks Eileen, it was a fun DIY!

  10. eileen says:

    Lindsey, this is so beautiful!! I love how your daughter wanted to make it herself! My son is the same way LOL