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Repurposed Pianos and a few easy Piano Makeovers

I remember when Piano’s used to be the centerpiece of a home. It’s safe to say today that the TV is now the centerpiece, don’t you think? There have been moments when I wish we could go back to those times, especially for my kids sake. A simpler time, right? I know it wasn’t necessarily an easier time, but the older I get the more I crave simplicity. So now that a piano is becoming an antique commodity (one that most people don’t necessarily want to get rid of), what do you do with it? Let me show you a few repurposed pianos and easy piano makeovers.

Simple ways to give a piano a makeover

When we lived in our modern farmhouse builder grade home, my mom gifted us my grandmothers old piano. It didn’t quite fit my style, and I just didn’t have the guts to chalk paint the beautiful wood. Instead, I opted for a more temporary fix. I added a little peel and stick chalkboard paper with a cool saying!

piano with chalkboard paper

The black chalkboard paper did a good job of breaking up the cherry wood to give it a good piano makeover with chalkboard paper. Side note; this isn’t the first time I gave an old piece of furniture a makeover with chalkboard paper.

piano with chalkboard paper

I couldn’t resist; I had to share my sweet baby here. This was a few years ago. My how time flies.

A friend of mine on Instagram, Angie @thepaintedpiano is a fabulous painter and painted her piano the most beautiful color blue!

painted piano

I also found a great blog post from a fellow blogger at All Things with Purpose on how to paint a Piano.

Painted Piano

Repurposed Pianos

Here’s a few ways others have shared how to repurpose a piano. Some of these makeovers took some time!


How cool is this! Who would have thought to turn a piano on it’s side and make a drink shelf out of it!


If you are looking for a creative way to dress up a piano outside, this is the way to do it! I love how someone has made an outdoor garden in the piano!


Whoa! Who would have thought to create a waterfall feature from a piano! My only question would be how do you keep the wood from rotting? Hopefully it’s faux wood, right?


I might have kept our old piano if I had thought to create storage out of it! I love how they’ve displayed all their paint cans in it.


This is a neat idea! Why not repurpose an old piano into a sewing desk.


What a great idea to repurpose a piano as headboard. It makes total sense to do this because the older pianos are made of solid antique wood, which would create a beautiful bedroom piece!


How about repurposing a vintage piano into a beautiful kitchen island? Yes please! This must be an old one because I’ve never seen anything like it before with those super chunky legs and thick base. I love it!


What a great idea to repurpose an old piano into a bench.


I love a good coffee bar. How about a repurposed piano into a coffee bar! What a great idea and look at all that storage. This would look great in a cafe.


I saved the best for last. Look at that aquarium….errr piano aquarium. Either way I think it’s the most creative way to up cycle or repurpose a piano that I’ve seen yet!

If you are looking for ways to repurpose your old piano or give it a good makeover, I hope these ideas have inspired you.

repurposed pianos and easy piano makeovers

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  1. Debi says:

    My husband and I repurposed the Krakauer piano that was passed down through the family (starting with my great grandmother). It was deemed unplayable but I just could not get rid of it. I now sew at my “new” sewing table. My husband also made a beautiful shelf to display family heirlooms and other piano parts. I made shadow boxes with beautiful rice paper backgrounds for some of the piano parts and included pictures of all of the women from our past that played this piano. A gift of love for each of my siblings.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Debra says:


      I have been looking at all of these wonderful ideas and am in love! I am so greatful for the old piano– I loved it, hated it, and ultimately -before I had children Music was the love of my life.
      When I left home i would purchase my own pianos and keyboards.
      I am actually surprised that this old 1889 upright was relatively very playable until about 15 years ago. It requires a total rebuild— for that kind of money— I can buy 4 pianos!
      Mom did however, have it refinished and the wood is gorgeous.
      How did you manage to gut the harp? These old beautiful beasts weigh a ‘ton’ .
      I would love to see more pics!


    • I would love to see a picture of it!