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Modern Farmhouse Living Room Refresh with DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

This little project has been a long time coming. I feel like I’ve been knee deep in projects, and none of them included that area of our home where we spend the most time; the living room. I also knew that I needed curtains to really pull this room together, but I didn’t have a lot to spend. What do you do when you need to update a space without much money?  Keep reading to find out how I gave my modern farmhouse living room a new “refresh” with a few great items and some DIY drop cloth curtains.

Disclosure;  I received a free Rug from Home Dynamix in exchange for including their product in a blog post.

Living room refresh with DIY drop cloth curtains

Let me show you some pictures before my modern farmhouse home decor “refresh.”

There are a few things to notice; or shall I say a few things I don’t like about my living room.

  • Lots and lots of carpet. I wish we had the budget to put down a solid surface floor, but that will have to wait for another day and another dollar.
  • Lots of dead space around the windows.
  • The greenish brown couch (not my favorite, but with two little ones always spilling stuff, it works).
  • The light beige carpet seems to blend in with the color of the couch and the color of the walls.

The first thing I did was add more pillows! I’ve got a great pillow buying guide on how I save money on pillows.

Next, I added a rug from Home Dynamix. Like I said earlier, the lovely folks there provided me with this rug and it matches this space and my modern farmhouse style perfectly.

Now that we have covered the floor with a rug and the couch with a few pillows, we need to cover those windows with some DIY DROP CLOTH CURTAINS.

DIY drop cloth curtains

Curtains can make or break the look of a room. They can elongate a low ceiling, cover up an unsightly wall, and make a boring space just plain pretty!

I had one problem when figuring out curtains for this space; budget.  I have 9′ ceilings, so it’s hard to find an affordable curtain in that length. Solution; create my own DIY DROP CLOTH CURTAINS.

I thought about dedicating an entire post for these DIY drop cloth curtains, but when I realized how easy they were, I knew I wouldn’t have to enough to say for just one post.

Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the amazon links and other affiliate links in this post.


DIY drop cloth curtains supplies
  • Canvas Drop Cloth

These come in all shapes and sizes. It just so happens they come in 9′ length, which makes them perfect for curtains.

  • Curtain Rings with Hooks

Above is an affiliate link to the hooks very similar to what I used.

I used 10 rings per panel. Pictured above is 20 rings for almost $11.

Below is the process I used to create these DIY drop cloth curtains:

  1. Purchase the Supplies
  2. Iron the Drop Cloth  
    DIY Drop Cloth Curtains
  3. Insert the rings on a rod and attach the fabric with the clips.

Make sure you attach the fabric evenly with the clips, or it might hang a little funny. I started by clipping the ends first, and then worked my way to the middle.

That’s it for the DIY Drop Cloth Curtains! This project was so easy!

Now you can see why I couldn’t justify dedicating an entire post to this subject.

Living room refresh and DIY Drop Cloth Curtains 20

I love the way the curtains add “just enough” to make the windows and the wall look finished.

Living room refresh and DIY Drop Cloth Curtains
Living room refresh and DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

You can see more of my modern farmhouse kitchen update here.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

You can see more of this TV stand update with milk paint here.

Living room refresh and DIY Drop Cloth Curtains
living room refresh and DIY drop cloth curtains

My kids love this rug. They fight over who gets to “play on the rug.”  It really is the little things sometimes. Sigh…..

living room refresh and DIY drop cloth curtains

I hope this post has given you some easy and budget friendly ideas on how to “refresh” your living room. I love finding easy and cheap ways to decorate spaces. What are your thoughts on the drop cloth curtains and how do you decorate those spaces that you aren’t entirely excited about?


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