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Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar

Our Modern Farmhouse beverage bar (I like to call it my coffee bar) was the first DIY I completed in our home when we moved in. Heck, I was buying supplies for this beverage bar before we moved in! I had always wanted a dedicated space for drinks and coffee and I finally got it! We didn’t have a lot of money to spend after we moved (we all know moving is expensive) so I used a lot of decor and items we had on hand like an old wine fridge and my wall mounted metal mug rack. I figured it was time to give this space a spruce up from a modern farmhouse beverage bar to a modern eclectic beverage bar!

It’s been over two years since we’ve moved in and I’m finally able to spruce this space up with a few items I’ve had my eye on. I can’t wait to share my new and improved coffee bar or beverage station!

Let’s stroll down memory lane for a minute, shall we?

This is what the space looked like when we moved in.

kitchen view

We moved the fridge to the bare wall, added two cabinets next to it that I purchased off of Craig’s list, and put a granite remnant on the top. It worked!

We reused a wine fridge that a family member gave us. It didn’t fit the space perfectly, but we knew it was only temporary. Isn’t it funny how “temporary” always ends up being a few years? Or at least that’s how it rolls in our house.

The old DIY beverage bar

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Beverage Bar

This is what the final beverage/coffee bar looked like after we moved in. It’s been so functional!

rustic farmhouse beverage station

After almost three years of living here, we finally made a few changes.

We wanted to upgrade the “wine fridge” to a dedicated beverage fridge. I’m not sure why we didn’t do this sooner.

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Changing the accessories

We purchased a Frigidaire stainless steel beverage center. My husband’s one requirement was that this fridge needed to keep drinks under 40 degrees. He was tired of the wine fridge not cooling drinks (which obviously it was never intended to do).

I also wanted to replace the current light and add a few wall sconces. Rather than purchasing new sconces and rewiring the wall with new switches, I moved the old antique gold wall sconces from our built in’s in the living room to the new and improved beverage bar.

Wall Sconce Lights with Power from a Puck Light

By the way, did you see my post where I shared a “no hardwire” wall sconce light trick? You won’t want to miss this one. Even though my husband is an Electrical Engineer and can rewire it himself, he said wiring this wall would be tricky and asked if I could use this old trick. No problem!

Since the sconces were gold I wanted to replace the old pendant light near the beverage bar with something that matched.

ceiling light

I felt like the space was finally coming together!

The last piece to the beverage bar puzzle was a large floating shelf to sit drinks on. We quickly learned that we still lack a little space in our 1980’s kitchen. I figured this shelf would free up space in the cabinets to put more cups.

beverage bar floating shelf

I also ordered a set of coffee hooks to hang under the shelf. I figured that would also maximize space in the cabinets if I could get the mugs out of the way.

I think that’s all of the new accessories… for now. See all the sources below.

Modern eclectic beverage bar Update

Just by changing a few different details, I felt I updated this space from a farmhouse vibe to a modern eclectic vibe and I’m loving it!

Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar
Modern Eclectic Beverage station or Coffee station
Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar
Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar

I’ve missed my old floating dining room shelves that I DIY’ed a few years back in our old house. It makes me happy to have a fun floating shelf again!

Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar

I tried to choose a stain that matched the exposed beams. I think it’s a pretty close match!

Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar
Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar

What do you think about the gold lights? Honestly, my husband doesn’t love him, but he still thinks anything gold should stay in the 1980’s.

Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar
Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar
Modern Eclectic Beverage Bar or Coffee Bar

I love the look of this space now and it provides a little more room in the cabinets for my husbands bourbon collection, LOL.

side by side DIY beverage bar pic
DIY modern beverage station and beverage bar

If you are looking for more information on DIY bar shelf ideas, check this post out!

What’s your favorite style? Do you prefer the modern farmhouse beverage station or the modern eclectic? I know not everyone will love the new modern eclectic style, but I do!

If you are still reading thanks for following along guys!


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  1. Betty J Sipes says:

    I would paint the lights either black or silver to match the coffee maker and fridge. But the main thing, Enjoy yourself!

  2. Celia says:

    Sorry, one more comment, I think the hooks should be turned so you can see what is written on the coffee mugs instead of staring at the insides.

  3. Celia says:

    Because you have both coffee and liquor beverages, I’d find or make a sign that says Coffee in the AM, Booze in the PM or some such thing.
    I think the sconces would look better black but that’s just me. I also think the pods should have stayed closer to the coffee maker and I just loved your little tree next to the fridge. I’m no decorator and if you want to come over to my house, you can help ME!