Furniture Painting and Refinishing 101

My motto for this blog has always been “if I can do it you can too.” I realized I’ve been blogging a few years now and sharing all about my furniture flips, but I’ve never shared how to flip furniture. I’ve decided it’s time to give you a series of in depth tutorial and videos all about furniture painting and refinishing 101. Painting and Refinishing furniture 101

A few quick notes before I dive in;

  • There are different ways to create the same furniture finishes. This doesn’t mean one method is a right or wrong, just different methods to reach the same conclusion. I’ll be sharing my “methods” and what’s worked for me throughout these tutorials.
  • I promise to be as unbiased as I can. I’m not promoting or doting on any product. I have some that I prefer, but I don’t plan to share too many of my opinions.

Below is a list of posts from my Furniture Painting and Refinishing 101 blog series.

Chalk Painting Furniture 101 -coming soon

Milk Painting  Furniture 101 – coming soon

White Washing Furniture 101- coming soon

Stripping Furniture 101

Painting Laminate Cabinets and Furniture 101

Painting IKEA Furniture 101

Staining Wood and Furniture 101- coming soon

Lime Washing Furniture 101

Dry Brushing Furniture 101 – coming soon

What’s Up with Furniture Wax and why do you use it?