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DIY Wall Planters for Indoor Decor

This is a step by step post on how I created DIY wall planters for my home decor. I created these from a piece of plumbing material and faux succulents.

This home decor project started like most of my other projects, with a bare wall and a desire to DIY.  The bare wall I’m referring to is a spot right above my thrifted bench in the entryway. I created six DIY botanical prints and after I hung them up, I noticed that I had a small spot on the wall that seemed “bare.” I hate when that happens. Then I got the grand idea that I would create my own DIY wall planters for indoor decor. 

DIY wall planter with succulents

You’ll never guess what inspired this craft project. Well, if you know me, you won’t be surprised. 

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but a lot of my DIY craft inspiration comes from walking the isles at Lowes. Does this sound crazy?  It might be but it’s the truth. Let me show you the inspiration I found from my walk down the plumbing isle.

I’ve created a handful of projects from the plumbing isle. Mostly pipe shelves and an outdoor TV cover.

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Below is the piece of hardware I found that inspired this little project.

PVC cap for wall planter

Let me share another picture and see if you can figure out where I’m going with these DIY wall planters.

Wall planters are so efficient because they don’t take up space on the floor or the countertop. And who doesn’t love a nice piece of decor to look at on your wall?

supplies for wall planter

Any ideas yet?

You’ve probably figured out that I’m going to use the plumbing pieces as the base for the wall planters. They were the perfect size to fit under the pictures in my entryway. Let me share my entryway with the “bare spot.”

entryway with botanical prints

Do you see the bare spot I’m talking about under my free botanical printables?

Here is where my lovely plumbing pieces will come in handy with just a little DIY wall planter inspiration.


  • spray paint of your choice. I chose to use oil rubbed bronze because a lot of the accent colors in my space are dark.
  • craft foam balls small enough to fit in the plumbing pieces
  • hot glue
  • faux foliage or flowers of your choice
  • 3 inch PVC cap
  • scissors

DIY wall planters for indoor decor

  • Cut the foam circles in half
cut foam in half for indoor wall planter
  • Spray paint both the foam and the plumbing pieces
spray paint the wall planter
  • Once the spray paint is dry, hot glue the foam into the center of the plumbing piece
using hot glue and pvc for indoor wall planter
  • Next, flip the plumbing piece over and hot glued a picture hanger on the back
back of wall planter
  • Now add some faux flowers to the DIY planter
wall planter with faux flowers

This was my first attempt at adding foliage to my indoor wall planters.

Needless to say I was not happy with it at all.

It’s so disheartening when I think I have an awesome idea in my head, but then after I create that “awesome idea,”  it just didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it. Can anyone relate?

Back to the drawing board. 

I took all the greenery out of the foam and decided I would come up with plan B.

What about succulents?

I love succulents but I’ve never used them in my home decor. I think I had my plan B.

succulents for indoor wall planter

These succulents were the perfect size to fit in the base of my DIY indoor wall planter. Not to mention that the colors blended perfectly with the botanical prints.

DIY wall planter for indoor decor with succulents

I think plan B fits better with this space, what do you think?

DIY wall planter for indoor decor
DIY wall planter for indoor decor

A few plumbing materials and a few faux succulents and now I have my own indoor planter decor!

I think I’m finally pleased with this space, enough for today at least. I’m sure I’ll probably change things up tomorrow. Oh the life of a DIY decor lover…

Speaking of changing things up, I created a few more fun planters- but this time with hanging planters and dollar store supplies! You might be interested in this project too.

DIY Hanging Planters with supplies from the dollar tree

Thanks for sharing in the fun of my random DIY’s and home decor hacks.

If you want to see more of my Modern Farmhouse Entryway with Thrifted Finds, I’ve got a full post with sources.


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DIY wall planter for indoor decor

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    So happy I have you! Question though – I just HAVE to know… What font do you use in your logo!!?

  2. Jeanne Vogel says:

    Super cute idea! I love that it’s repurposed items!