DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Light

Has anyone noticed that home styles and trends change about every 10 years? We bought our first home about 12 years ago, and I decorated it with the bold reds and greens and the big dark furniture.  After we had been in that home about 5 years, trends changed as did my style :). I started to update the decor, but on a very small budget. One recent project that I’m super excited about is my new DIY INDUSTRIAL FARMHOUSE STYLE PENDANT LIGHT!

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant light

This pendant light used to be a can light. I purchased a recessed light conversion kit from Ballard Designs with a burlap drum shade. You can also see a more affordable conversion kit from Amazon. This one doesn’t come with as many options.

Needless to say I got tired of the burlap shade quick. I wanted the look of something more “industrial.”

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of new industrial farmhouse style pendant lights that I had to have.

Changing light fixtures can really be expensive. I knew I wasn’t happy with the existing pendant light with a shade cover, but I couldn’t go out and buy a new one. Without having to buy new, I decided I would find a way to replace the old shade but still use the existing pendant light.  Below is what the old pendant light looked like:

DIY Farmhouse pendant light

It doesn’t look terrible, but since my new decor style is more a MODERN FARMHOUSE STYLE, I knew it would look a lot better if I replaced the shade with a more modern light cover.

I knew there had to be a easy and budget friendly way to change out the lamp shade with a more industrial looking cage or shade.  I headed to Pinterest for more inspiration.

I saw someone who had turned a old pendant light into a farmhouse style pendant light with a metal lamp guard!

How clever!

I went on the hunt for a similar Metal Lamp Guard at my local Lowe’s and Home Depot, but no luck. They seemed to have every lamp guard you could imagine, but not the perfect one I was looking for.

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I started searching the Internet, and I found the perfect PENDANT COVERING on a website called Life and Home.

Best part, it was only $10!!

FullSizeRender-3 copy


You can see a very similar product (4 pack) that I’ve shared below from Amazon.

Pendant light covers

I removed my old lamp shade and I noticed the silver part that the light actually screws into would stick out like a sore thumb if I left it “as is.” I decided to spray paint it oil rubbed bronze to match the new pendant lamp cage.

After the spray paint dried, I screwed the new pendant lamp cage on the existing light. I then added an edison style light bulb ( this is totally not necessary but I thought it added to the INDUSTRIAL FARMHOUSE STYLE PENDANT LIGHT that I was trying to achieve).


DIY Farmhouse Style pendant light
DIY Farmhouse Style pendant light

I love the way it turned out! For very little money and time, I was able to change the entire style of this light and make it the perfect DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant light.

DIY Farmhouse Style pendant light

Below is an updated view of my kitchen since I’ve painted my laminate cabinets. If you want to see more details, I’ve since shared this entire kitchen renovation for under $4 K!

modern farmhouse kitchen
DIY industrial style pendant light


30 thoughts on “DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Light

  1. It probably took you much longer to search out the lampshade then to update the lamp. Congratulations on your find, finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy but it looks great. Love the new fresh open look.

  2. What an awesome find! I love the new look of your pendant. Now, if only I had the ability to put pendants above my island instead of a pot rack ???? Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  3. Cute project! This light was very easy to make and look beautiful in my room. Pendant lighting can add a great visual styles. I am totally inspired with your work. Thanks for sharing.

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