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How to convert a Jenny Lind Crib to a Bench or a Daybed

Everyone has hobbies, right?  Some women like to shop, my hubby likes to hunt, etc.  I guess I’ve finally realized what my hobby is; recreating old pieces! So when I stumbled upon a post from Pinterest about converting a JENNY LIND CRIB TO A BENCH or DAYBED, I knew my next project.

DIY Jenny Lind Crib to bench

I had an old Jenny Lind crib that has been sitting in my  moms attic for the past 5 years.

It was time to repurpose this antique piece and convert this Jenny Lind crib to a bench or a daybed.

In the next few days I brainstormed how I would cut down, fasten, saw, refinish and recreate my old crib.

After about a month of trying to wrap my mind around a real simple way to do this, I started getting discouraged because this project looked like it would be a little more labor intensive than I realized.

With two active toddlers, my time is VERY valuable, and there isn’t much of it. I decided that this project might have to move to the back burner.

And then a light when off in my head (yes, sometimes this happens). I had an idea; I had two sets of oversized outdoor cushions that I really wanted to get rid of, but I thought they might just be the perfect size for my crib.


This was perfect because now I didn’t have to cut the crib down.

My vintage Jenny Lind Crib would serve as an oversized OUTDOOR BENCH. I was so thrilled.  Since the cushions were not my style, I decided to paint them, and you can see that post on painting outdoor cushions how to paint fabric.

After much thought and deliberation, I decided NOT to make the sides of this bench lower than the back. I might change my mind soon, but for now I decided to leave the sides alone.  So if you’re wondering if I really had to do anything to create this bench other than remove the front piece, well the answer is no.

The one thing I did do to create this Jenny Lind crib to a bench is to reinforce it.

After all, I don’t know that a crib was made for  a 300 LB man to sit on.

Converting a Jenny Lind crib to a bench

Here are a few quick things I did to reinforce it:

adding wood slats to reinforce the crib to make it a bench

In the picture above you can see where I screwed 3 pieces of wood to the crib. Refer to the picture below to see the placement of the screws.

converting a crib to a bench

You can see where I used two screws per piece of wood and screwed them into the “bed” of the crib.

How to convert a Jenny Lind Crib to a bench or daybed

I screwed another piece of scrap wood to the bottom of the front of the crib to stabilize the sides.

Now that it was safe for a large human to sit on, I was ready to convert my new bench from a crib!

DIY Jenny Lind Crib to a bench
a side view of my crib-turned-bench being used as an outdoor bench

Because I have a furniture rearranging problem (at least I can admit it), my CRIB TURNED BENCH did not sit outside for long. I decided to keep it one of our side rooms for extra seating. Here are a few pics of my new “seating arrangement.”


DIY Jenny Lind Crib to a bench
DIY Jenny Lind Crib to a bench
DIY Jenny Lind Crib to a bench

What do y’all think?  Daybed or outdoor bench?

Isn’t it funny how we can recreate and repurpose something like a Jenny Lind Crib into adult seating. Now if I can just figure  out what type of seating…:)


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