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Corner Curtain Rods and Ideas for Decorating around Corner Windows

See a handful of corner curtain rods and ideas for decorating around corner windows. I’ve shared ten corner curtain rods and corner connectors.

I’ve spoken before about our weird master bedroom layout and the random corner windows that I’ve learned to decorate around. I’ve rearranged our bedroom a handful of times to try to maximize space and still make it look “balanced.”

Then I got a wild hair and created my own curtains by “sewing” two panels together. I’m a huge fan of no sew projects because I’m not much of a sewer.

Below is a picture of our corner bedroom windows right after we moved in.

cottage style master bedroom

At first I had the bed on the long wall near the windows with this cute sitting nook (pictured above). After a year or so and for lack of space, we ended up moving the bed in front of the corner windows.

This created a bit of a design challenge because everything looked so unbalanced. That’s when I got the idea to add curtains to the opposite wall even though there was no window.

Do you need to buy special corner window curtains to decorate a corner window?

You don’t need to buy special “corner window curtains” to decorate a corner window. That being said, depending on the look you are going for you might need to buy more than the regular 2 panel set.

When I decorated around my corner windows below, I only used two curtain panels. I thought about using a third panel for the actual corner area. Ultimately I wanted to keep this space light and bright and I worried that a third curtain would make it look too “heavy” and dark.

Decorating around corner windows

The first way I decided to decorate around the windows was by adding a cozy chair to make a sitting nook while highlighting the windows with drapes.

I even framed the window with my DIY botanical prints. Like I said earlier, this set up looked great but we wanted to maximize the space in this very long room.

how to hang corner curtains

We ultimately ended up moving the bed to the wall in front of these windows. I added another set of corner curtains to the other side of the wall to balance this space.

decorating around corner windows
placing bed in front of corner windows

What do you think? Which set up do you like the most? I honestly like the look of the bed on the long wall with the sitting nook near the windows, but this set up creates the most floor space which we needed.

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There are a few things I’ve learned over the years while trying to effectively decorate around these windows.

Tips on decorating corner windows

  • Buying curtain rod rings that clip to the curtains can help hide curtain rod ends that don’t have a corner connector.
  • Sometimes it’s more cost effective to purchase regular curtain rods and corner connectors separately than purchase a whole corner curtain rod set. Always shop your options.
  • Don’t sweat it if the corner connector and curtain rods don’t match. You can always spray paint them!
  • Make sure you set your curtains high and wide. Don’t “box the windows in.” Set the ends of the curtain rods past each of the windows and go at least six inches above the top of the windows.
  • If you want to minimize light in the room and downplay the windows, add a third curtain panel between the two on the ends.

While I was researching ideas on how to create balance to a space with corner windows, I found a lot of corner window ideas that I thought I could share with you too!

Curtains in Corner Window Ideas

See a handful of Curtains in Corner Window Ideas and learn how to create beautiful corner window dressings. These sites share corner curtain rod ideas as well as beautiful corner window curtains too.

Below are a few of the corner curtain rods and connectors I seriously thought about buying. Like I said, there are a few ways to get around buying entire sets of corner curtain rods. Sometimes, though, it makes more sense to buy than DIY. If you are in the buying mood, this list should help you out.

Corner Curtain Rods and Corner Connectors

See a handful of different corner curtain rods and corner connectors to purchase.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to decorate around a set of corner windows. As always, thanks for stopping by.

corner curtain rods and ideas for decorating around corner windows


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  1. Keith Merry says:

    Wow, what an amazing article! I’ve been struggling with decorating my corner windows for ages, but after reading this article, I feel like I’ve finally found the solution. The corner curtain rod ideas are so creative and unique, and I can’t wait to try them out in my own home.

    I especially love the idea of using a curved curtain rod to create a cozy reading nook in the corner. It’s such a smart and practical way to maximize the space in the room while adding a touch of style and elegance.

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas! Your article has truly inspired me to get creative with my corner windows and make the most of every inch of space in my home. I’m grateful for the valuable tips and tricks you’ve provided and can’t wait to see the beautiful results!

    Keith Merry