Installing Wood Planks to Our Dining Room Column and Side Walls

Am I the only one that’s noticed a big shift in popularity of anything wood on a wall?  I’m guessing we can thank Joanna Gaines for that! I have to agree though, that adding any sort of wood to a wall adds warmth and architectural detail. I’ll also admit that I’m a huge fan of planked walls (shiplap, board and batten, you name it, I love it).  That’s why I’ve decided to plank a few areas in my dining room and show you how I installed wood planks to our dining room column and side walls.

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

Over the past year I have become very familiar with adding different types of wood to my walls. I’ve created a faux shiplap wall with no power tools, an easy DIY board and batten with minimal materials, and now I’ve decided it’s time to install real wood to planks our column and side walls.

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The wood planks I’m using are from Weaber Lumber.  Weaber has a great instructional video on how to install the boards HERE.  You can see the boards I received HERE.

Let’s start with the materials list:

  • Finishing Nailer
  • 16 gauge 1-1/2″ nails (made for the nail gun)
  • construction adhesive
  • caulk gun
  • stud finder
  • jig saw or any type of saw  that will cut your boards
  • spackle
  • paint to cover up spackle from nail holes (or if you need to paint the planks)
  • wood planks
  • moulding

How to Add Wood Planks to a Tray Ceiling

I love the “white washed” look of these wood planks because it matches the rest of my house since I’ve used mainly white and gray colors.

Where do we begin?

First I had to decide where to install the boards. Since I had a little over 50 square feet to work with, I knew planking an entire wall was out of the question.

We have a column in our dining room that I’ve always wanted to do something with, but I didn’t know what.  So, I decided it was time to wrap the column in rustic white washed wood boards. To tie it all together, and make sure it didn’t look too random, I decided to plank the small walls on each side of the column. I’ll share some before pictures below.

How to add Wood planks to any wall

I decided to plank the column and side walls with the wood boards running in a vertical direction rather than horizontal direction. Not to be lazy, but, well, yes it made things A LOT easier to run the wood boards up and down rather than in a horizontal direction.

What I really mean is that installing the wood boards up and down required a lot less cuts than if I would have installed the boards in a horizontal direction.

How to add Wood planks to any wall

Another great plus by installing the boards in a vertical position is that I did not need to “rip” (cut the width off of any of the boards) any boards because they fit all the walls perfectly! Three boards fit each wall of the column perfectly and left enough space to create the “joint area” on each side of the column.

How to add Wood planks to any wall

As you can see the boards were not perfectly square or flat, so they look a little more rustic. At first, I thought this might look cheap or unfinished, but I decided to add moulding to finish it off and I think it completed the look.

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall What do you think?

Little by little we are adding our own modern farmhouse touches to our modern builder grade home.  I love the way these white washed wood planks add character to a very boring entryway.

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

This is one of the side walls we planked with white washed boards.

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

Adding Wood Planks to our dining room column and side wall

And that’s a wrap for this little project. What do you think of our new wood boards? My husband is still on the fence as far as thinking it might be a little too rustic for our home. I love it though!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve been inspired to create something from nothing! If you’re interested in seeing budget friendly home projects, I’ve got a lot to share.

Until next time when I find something else to repurpose and up cycle,






56 thoughts on “Installing Wood Planks to Our Dining Room Column and Side Walls

  1. What a transformation! It makes an annoying blah become an elegant feature. I’m shocked that so little can do so much. You are so clever. Doing all that back wall might have made it look smaller but those colums add volumes. Well done!

  2. Your rustic look is gorgeous! You’ve done really well working through this project. Thanks for sharing with us at Blogger’s Pit Stop. Debbie from Deb’s World (

  3. I think it looks fab! I definitely agree that adding a bit extra to the other walls really helps to tie it all together, and the edging gives it a lovely finish. I am now looking around my house, trying to work out where I can put some planking! Haha #sharingthebloglove

    1. As far as a backing, I’m not sure. We used glue and an air gun. Now, I did a shiplap wall without power tools and I used cheap floor vinyl that I painted white to look like shiplap. You can see that post below if you are looking for something similar that you can create with no power tools. Good luck, let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. These are a subtle look that make a big impact. I have seen your earlier posts using wood as well and am excited for you. You must be just loving it.

  5. Lindsey, I’m not even a huge fan of slapping up wood everywhere, but I think what you’ve done here looks fantastic! And that column seems like something that would have ended up with chipped/damaged corners needing constant paint touch-ups. This way? Problem solved!

  6. I love it! And that was a great idea about doing the walls either side you’re right I really think it would have looked a bit random otherwise. I love wood features inside houses 🙂

  7. It was nice before but as you said it adds an architectural factor to this room and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing as I am into wood works and plan on putting this in my kitchen to cover the sides of my cheap looking cabinets with wood planks and an aged gray look.

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