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A Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017

Oh where has this year gone? You know the saying when you have little ones that the days are long but the years are short? This is how life has been since my youngest was born. The days seem to stand still sometimes, and the years fly by. What a strange phenomenon. Before this year is gone, I wanted to share a few photos from my Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017.

Make Your Own Christmas Holiday Card Holder with a Frame

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It all begins in the entryway. I keep telling myself I’m going to change this space up soon, but not quite yet.

Most everything here is thrifted or from the Target dollar spot. The Rustic Merry Christmas sign is my all time favorite and was a steal at a local thrift store. Apparently the artist had quite a few left over from a local art show so she decided to donate them to a thrift store. 

The pillows are from the Target Dollar Spot from last year.  The bench was an up cycle project, computer hutch turned entryway bench,  and don’t you love my thrifted chippy door?

I turned that old frame into a holiday card holder, because don’t you get tired of pasting something all over your refrigerator?

How to flock a Christmas tree with a can of ceiling texture
A Vintage Style Christmas Mantel

I hope you’re not tired of my entryway already, but I had to share a neat trick I learned from a friend on Instagram with this flocked tree. 

My all time favorite Craigslist find is this vintage antique fireplace mantel. I just had to create my own fireplace because it just didn’t feel like Christmas without a fireplace!

It truly enjoyed creating this space, because without a mantel, hanging Christmas stockings just didn’t feel the same.

A Vintage Style Christmas Mantel

I found this flocked garland at Walmart of all places. You can’t beat 9 feet of garland for 12.99.

A Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017
A Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017
A Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017

What do y’all think about my Christmas Coffee bar? I thought a simple way to bring Christmas feels to the home was to arrange the mugs in a Christmas tree shape. The Joy tea towel was from last year’s Target dollar spot. I created the small boxwood wreaths from garland also from the Target dollar spot.

A Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2017

And our Christmas tree……… It wouldn’t be a Christmas home tour without it right? On last year’s Christmas home tour I strategically did not show my tree, for reasons you can read about on that post above.   This year, though, I decided to embrace the good, bad, and messy parts of Christmas, even if they aren’t picture perfect.

Christmas Home Tour 2017

Thanks for stopping by friends. Wishing everyone a safe, merry and blessed Christmas holiday!


A Vintage Style Christmas Mantel
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