Two Easy Picture Hanging Tips Everyone Should know

Some of you might think this post is really silly. I almost didn’t write it because I figured most of you already knew about this little picture hanging tip. Then I remembered that it wasn’t until a few months ago that I figured this little trick out.

Honestly, I wish I had known about it years ago. Oh the time and nail holes I could have saved. I figured if I didn’t know this information until recently, then some of you may  not either.

Let me share how to hang a picture or group of pictures with two easy picture hanging tips.

The first tip is about how to hang multiple pictures evenly and the other tip is about how to hang pictures with a double hook.

After all, everyone needs to know how to hang a picture right?

Easy Picture Hanging Hacks

I’ve finally started to feel like I’m settling in since we moved.  When I feel unsettled in a space it helps when I can create or “recreate” a room.

I haven’t wanted to rush the “nesting” process and add too many holes in the walls if they weren’t going to be semi permanent. One of the first few spaces I decided to create was in our dining nook and on my office wall.

It hit me when I was hanging my botanical prints on the wall behind my new “office space.”  As I was hanging the painters tape on the wall I thought to myself, “I need to share this tip I just learned about.”

Let me start by explaining the first picture hanging tip with Painters Tape.

Before I get to the details I’ll share my YouTube video for those of you who would prefer to watch the process rather than read about it.

How to hang pictures evenly and with a double hook with two picture hanging hacks

I hope that was a straight forward video on how to hang four pictures evenly in a square AND how to hang a double hook picture.

If you’re not into video’s let me share the process below.


Painters tape, measuring tape, level (if you want to be super precise), pen, screw driver or hammer, nails or screws, picture.

Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row

Method to hanging a group of pictures correctly;

  • Start with a blank wall and figure out about where you want your pictures to hang.
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
  • Take a piece of painters tape and stick it to the wall in the center of where you want the first set of pictures to sit. Measure to make sure the painters tape is centered and level. 
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
  • After you’ve added your painters tape to where you want the first set of pictures to be, start by adding a second row on top.
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
  • Once again measure and make sure it’s level. We want the set of pictures to be perfectly straight.
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
  • Add a nail or screw right above the painters tape where you want to hang your picture. Repeat this step for however many pictures you need to hang. 
  • Once you’ve added your nails to the wall, remove the tape and hang your pictures!

Step back and admire how straight and level your pictures look with these new picture hanging tips.

Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row
Two easy picture hanging hacks how to hang pictures in a row

Now it’s time for Picture hanging tip number two.

Before I knew about this hack I added string to all my double hooked pictures just because I couldn’t stand to try to hang them evenly.

I know you know what I’m talking about…

I’ll make this quick and simple.

How to hang a double hook picture frame evenly;

Two Easy Picture Hanging Hacks; How to hang a double hook picture evenly
Two Easy Picture Hanging Hacks; How to hang a double hook picture evenly
  • Lay your painters tape over the hooks like you see in the picture above. Make each end of the tape stop where you want the nail to be.
Two Easy Picture Hanging Hacks; How to hang a double hook picture evenly
  • Remove the tape and place it on the wall where you want your picture to hang. 
Two Easy Picture Hanging Hacks; How to hang a double hook picture evenly
  • Place your nail or screw on the end of the blue tape. Then remove the tape and hang your picture!

What do y’all think? These picture hanging tips saved me so much time and guesswork. I hope it helps y’all too!

If you know of any other picture hanging hacks, please feel free to enlighten me with a comment below. I’m all about sharing ideas!

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36 thoughts on “Two Easy Picture Hanging Tips Everyone Should know

  1. I use the same hack to hang pictures too! It’s so much easier than trying to eyeball it and a lot less holes too. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Pinned.

  2. I can’t stand pictures that are crooked, and I’m pretty good at eyeballing it, but it usually takes several holes to get it right. LOL I’ll definitely be using this hack! Pinning, too.

    1. that’s a tough one…..I haven’t had enough of an issue with them not being level to where I had drill new holes. If you have any tips I’m all ears!

  3. Lindsey, I always have two hooks on the back of pictures because I can’t stand crooked pictures. With the two hooks, you can dust them vigorously and they don’t move. Never have to straighten a picture. I’m not quite sure what method my husband uses, but I’ll run this one by him. #BloggersPitStop

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jean! And you are so right about the two hooks being more sturdy.

  4. That second hack is genius and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it when I was struggled to hang a couple of canvases recently. I certainly know for future!
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

  5. Great tips, thanks! We moved in November, and I STILL don’t have much on the walls, because I’m so afraid to put those nails in the walls! Stopped by from Strawberry Butterscotch.

  6. I buy a lot of thrifted frames; they often have no picture hanger on the back. I HATE fractions (I think the only time I willingly use fractions is when I am doubling a cooky recipe!). I found the easiest way to find the center of a small frame is to line a straightedge of scrap paper along the top, score where the frame ends with a fingernail, then fold the paper in half from end to score line. That fold line is the center of the frame! For a larger frame, string works well. Make a pencil mark, then center your picture hanger on that line, and voila, a centered hanger. I recently figured out that if I hang a picture that has wire as its hanger that I can hang the picture on the nail, level it, then grab each side of the frame and pull down gently. It creases the wire so that it more likely to hang straight!

    1. These are great tips, thank you for the info! I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great ideas! I do have a few pictures with multiple holes behind them…. this would have come in handy. Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Time Fun party. Pinned.

  8. These are great tips, and I sure wish I’d had them a few months ago when I was hanging a group of six prints in a guest bedroom! It took me forever to get those hung. I’ll be pinning this for future reference!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  9. These tips are very much useful in hanging the picture in short time as this helps in hanging picture very quick as a person not getting enough time to carry out such task will surely be helped by the art installers. In case you need any help then check out art services provider in LA for free guidance and project reviews.

  10. My husband gave me some very large photo prints of our dog, and we want to hang them to a wall since she looks very cute on her photos. I think I’ll get some custom picture frames for the prints since her photos would look nice with a custom frame. Thanks for the tip that I can use painters’ tape to try to use it as a guide on where we should hang the photos, so I’ll be sure to do that.

  11. Thanks for teaching me how to hang pictures without having to use string to make sure they’re even. My wife and I moved into a new house and we want to decorate our walls with some recent family pictures. We’ll have to look at getting custom frames and using your tips.

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