Small Closet Shoe Organization with Curtain Rods

Here we are four months living in our rustic beach cottage and I STILL haven’t organized our master closet. Maybe I just don’t know where to start because our old closet was the size of a small bedroom and our new one is about 1/8 of that size.  Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t need a closet as big as our old one, but our new closet is presenting some organization challenges.  Last week, as I was perusing the isles of Target I got a small closet organization idea by repurposing a curtain rod.  You know me, if it’s cheap and easy I’m willing to try it! Come along and let me share with you my shoe organization hack!

Shoe Organization hack

When we moved into this home, we “downsized” about 1000 square feet from our old home.  Most people thought we were crazy to leave 3200 square feet and downsize to 2300 square feet with two small growing kids.  I have learned though, that sometimes the more space you have, the more crap you accumulate.  This, in turn, means more things to clean and keep up with! Please tell me you can relate!

I’ve had to get creative with a few spaces in our home due to this. I created a DIY family charging station in our kitchen which works beautifully. I even decided to organize our car with a few dollar tree supplies.

I have to admit I was (sort of) looking forward to losing a little (or a lot!) of closet space so I could really work on organizing and purging. Let me show you the current state of our closet:

What you can’t see is the plastic boxes that line the floor with our shoes.

The problem with keeping shoes tucked away in a box is that if I can’t see them, I won’t wear them (I’m sure the same issue goes for my husband too). I needed to find a way to display our shoes. Where you ask? The clothes are already stuffed in this little room as it is.

Before I share my little shoe organization hack, I had to organize and purge a few clothing items.

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After our clothes were a little more organized, it was time to try out my new shoe organization idea with inexpensive curtain rods.

I purchased four of these curtain rods at Target.  You can see they were only $1.49.

I hurried home to make sure they fit ok on the wall and actually held one of my shoes.

This small closet shoe organization idea might actually work!

I also had the idea to hang a few drapery hold backs to hold belts, ties, scarves and maybe even small purses!

You know me and you know I want my closet to look semi decent, so I decided to spray paint both the curtain rods and the hold backs the same color.

I used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint from Rust-Oleum.

Once they were dry, it was time to hang these repurposed curtain rods.

Before I hung the “shoe organization holders” I made sure I left enough room to slide the shoes in from the top.

The same rule of thumb needs to apply for the second rod.

Next I hung the curtain hold back and added all my belts and scarves. I removed the finial so I could slide the belt ends down the rod.

I also hung a flip flop hanger in the middle between the two hold backs so I could display my flip flops.

Once that was complete, my new small space closet organization hack was done!

Small Closet Organization Ideas with Curtain Rods
Shoe organization
Shoe organization

What do you think about this shoe organization hack?

As cliche as this sounds, it really is easier to get ready in the morning when I can see all my shoes!

Yay for organization. Stay tuned for more blog posts from my small space organization ideas blog series.

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Small Closet Shoe Organization with Curtain Rods

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22 thoughts on “Small Closet Shoe Organization with Curtain Rods

  1. Love it! I too am struggling with a down sized closet. What is this flip flop hanger you speak of? Thank you for this wonderful idea!

  2. What a fabulous idea, I’m sure I could put this to use, it would be so much easier having the shoes on the wall like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve been looking for a letter station/ organization thing to hold shoes in much the same way you have done– for our camper. I can’t find what I saw a few months ago, and your idea just might do the trick instead!! Thank you!! The spray paint makes them look so much nicer.

  4. I think it might work until you take your shoes down and see all the “dirty” marks the soles of your shoes have made on the wall. I think it might be a good idea to protect the wall with something. Not sure what would be the best, cheapest “something”, but I’m sure it’s out there. Also, it might depend on the construction of the walls in the closet, but if your shoes are heavy it might make the curtain rod supports want to pull out of the wall unless you use a toggle bolt or can screw or nail into a stud in the wall.

    I remember in one of the houses I lived in the curtain rod supports were right next to the window frame , on the outside, in the sheet rock. They were fine when used with a light-weight curtain, but if there was something more substantial hung up then the nails would start pulling out of the wall.
    Since you will be putting shoes in, and taking out, and putting in, and taking out, etc. there could be a problem with “stress”; might need to keep that in mind.
    Just my two cents worth.

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